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  • Chicago’s South Side, election day 1992 with Andrew Jones

    Chicago’s South Side, election day 1992 with Andrew Jones

    Chicago’s mayoral and aldermanic elections were this Tuesday. Now, as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his leading opponent, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, prepare for a runoff election, we thought we’d share some footage from Andrew P Jones, shot on Chicago’s South Side during The 90’s Election Special coverage.Although a native Bostonian, Andrew was a devoted and inquisitive correspondent, with a particular passion for black politics in the US. He spent most of election day talking with voters, election judges, and campaign staff … Continue reading

  • In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Gray speaks at a public forum in Bloomington Indiana entitled “The Hidden Casualties of the War on Drugs,” recorded on a program called “In Your Interest” on WIPX Channel 63, Trafalgar, IN. He touches upon topics brought up in his book “Drug Crazy.” Continue reading

  • D.C. Mayor Marion Barry: “It’s got nothing to do with drugs.”

    D.C. Mayor Marion Barry: “It’s got nothing to do with drugs.”

    Marion Barry, former Mayor of the District of Columbia, passed away last week. Elected in 1979, he was the first civil rights leader to become mayor of a major US city. He was well-loved by many of D.C.’s residents, earning the nickname “Mayor for Life.”In 1990, Barry was arrested by the FBI following a sting operation where Barry was videotaped smoking crack cocaine. He was ultimately convicted and served 6 months in prison. After his release, he ran for a … Continue reading

  • War and Peace: Gulf War Protests, 1990-91

    War and Peace: Gulf War Protests, 1990-91

    The US has once again declared war in the Middle East. To some, it may feel like history is repeating itself. We’ve gone to the archives to pull out a collection of anti-war protests from the Gulf War. These are pleas from nearly 25 years ago that still apparently remain unheeded. You can watch the full “Anti-War Tapes” episode of The 90’s or explore more of our Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection at Media Burn. Be there for … Continue reading

  • Getting Around

    Getting Around

    Students with disabilities at the University of Oregon discuss their lives. Continue reading

  • In Plain English

    In Plain English

    University of Oregon’s students of color discuss what race means in terms of their experiences on and off campus. The video is a procession of talking heads, positioning the students as points of authority while also encouraging the viewer to consider their own expectations and ideas of race. Continue reading

  • [Joan Jett Blakk at C.I.S.P.E.S. Benefit]

    00:00 Joan Jett Blakk puts on false eyelashes and talks to Bill Stamets about the speech he plans to give later at the event. “I’m gonna talk off the top of my head but I’ll tell ya–what’s going on in El Salvador is not funny. I can’t make a joke about it. So I’m gonna make a joke about the C.I.A.–it’s easier to make a joke about the C.I.A.” 00:53  Stamets asks if Blakk plans to use the event to … Continue reading

  • Farm Wives

    Camera original interviews with farm wives. Continue reading