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  • [Broken Assemble Edit #1 (Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power 1987)]

    0:01 Color bars.  11:57 Camera opens on Richard M. Daley speaking about his father, Richard J. Daley. Video cuts after a few seconds. Opens on Studs Terkel speaking about Richard J. Daley and an appointment he made. Cut to another man speaking about what it was like to be around Richard J. Daley. 7:05 Footage of people at various campaign rallies, speaking about Jesse Jackson and Jane Byrne. Richard M. Daley’s voice as he announces his intention to run for … Continue reading

  • [Broken Assemble Edit #2 (Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power 1987)]

    0:00 Color bars. 2:19 Camera opens on Harold Washington being photographed by the press in disjointed, brief clips. 3:33 Jane Byrne shakes hands with a crowd of people on the street. 4:05 A man reads a storybook to a group of children. Footage of a building. People handing out information about AIDS on the street. Dr. Robert Moon speaks about a new type of energy. A man sings opera on the street. 6:54 A man outside of City Hall speaks … Continue reading

  • [City 2000 Master]

    0:01 Color bars.  1:33 Audio of bells at Rockefeller church over footage around the city. Footage of two people playing the bells. 4:48 Footage inside a church service. Large service in a stadium to celebrate the 2000th anniversary of Jesus’s birth. Small service in Spanish. Service in the lake. Graduation ceremony. 12:15 People attending an opera. Mayor Richard M. Daley on the street as he makes his way to a meeting.  15:05 A woman speaks about gun violence in the … Continue reading

  • [Ray Simon]

    0:07 Camera opens on Ray Simon. He is speaking about being successful in politics based on the model of Richard J. Daley. The interviewer asks about riots in the city and Daley’s reaction to them in 1968. 4:55 The interviewer asks about efforts to reduce poverty. Simon speaks about Daley’s strategies for helping the city, and then about how the Democratic party enabled him to become mayor. 17:38 The interviewer asks about Jim Murray. Simon speaks about his career. They … Continue reading

  • [Rational Suicide]

    0:05 Camera opens on a panel sitting in front of an audience. A man from the American Suicide Foundation welcomes the audience and introduces the professionals on the panel concerning rational suicide. They watch a short video about rational suicide focused on a man with terminal cancer and a woman with pancreatic cancer. 15:00 The video ends and the panel begins. The moderator has each of them discuss how they feel about the two case studies of rational suicide shown … Continue reading

  • [Campaign Appearances]

    0:01 Color bars. 1:10 Footage from a rally. Man speaks about why they are protesting Jesse Jackson. They talk to various people about Mayor Jane Byrne. Brief audio from press conference with Byrne. Footage from first ribfest in the city. Fountain that Byrne commissioned for the city. Audio of Richard M. Daley announcing his intentions to run for Mayor. Short clips around the city. 5:48 Footage of Daley speaking on TV. Audio of Jackson talking about the past oppression caused … Continue reading

  • [Mayor Speaks to Group]

    0:00 Color bars. Clips of musical performance begins at the “Kool Jazz Festival,” and “Chicago Blues Festival.” A man attending speaks about his experience. 5:45 Footage from the Chicago International Folk Fair. Footage of artists, dancers, crowds of attendees, and musicians. Footage of a Morgan Park carnival. White Sox celebration rally.  11:20 Harold Washington at a rally for Chicago’s soccer team, Chicago Sting. Footage of a Chicago Cubs billboard and a mural. Washington at another event. Audio cuts in and … Continue reading

  • [Jesse Jackson Footage]

    0:00 Color bars.  2:00 Camera opens to Jesse Jackson onstage with Harold Washington. Washington speaks over applause. Cut to Jackson speaking at a different podium. He introduces Washington, who comes onstage to speak about his nomination for mayor. Audio cuts in and out. 6:00 Choppy cut to footage of a man being sworn in. Choppy footage of Washington on stage at various venues. Jackson is often present, and speaks sometimes about why he supports Washington. Audio sometimes cuts out, and … Continue reading