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  • [Jesse Jackson Footage]

    [Jesse Jackson Footage]

    0:00 Color bars.  2:00 Camera opens to Jesse Jackson onstage with Harold Washington. Washington speaks over applause. Cut to Jackson speaking at a different podium. He introduces Washington, who comes onstage to speak about his nomination for mayor. Audio cuts in and out. 6:00 Choppy cut to footage of a man being sworn in. Choppy footage of Washington on stage at various venues. Jackson is often present, and speaks sometimes about why he supports Washington. Audio sometimes cuts out, and … Continue reading

  • Novo Dextro: Purity & Danger

    Novo Dextro: Purity & Danger

    Documentary by Bill Stamets about the American Nazi Party’s “anti-queer, pro-life” rally held in 1982 in Chicago’s Lincoln Park in response to the city’s annual Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade. Continue reading

  • [Boy With a Microphone]

    [Boy With a Microphone]

    0:06 Color bars. Cut to black. 2:15 Camera opens on a young boy sitting with a toy microphone. He walks around his house speaking into the microphone. He asks his father what he is doing and his mother to speak into the microphone. Some of his words are difficult to understand.  4:15 Footage of his father chopping dead limbs from live trees. The boy stands by a lake and talks about the water into the microphone, and then he does … Continue reading

  • [Harold in Gone]

    [Harold in Gone]

    0:03 Color bars. 1:28 Camera opens on old black and white footage of a building. No audio. Cut between a conference and reporter waiting outside the building. Cars driving. Fast cuts between footage of crowds of people in the city. Harold Washington banner and bust. 9:20 Audio starts. People buy photos of Harold Washington. Black and white footage of campaigning with no audio. 11:29 Audio cuts in. Bag pipes playing on the street. Audio cuts out again. Footage of  people … Continue reading

  • [Meeting Ground]

    [Meeting Ground]

    0:09 Camera opens on a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center with an Indigenous Kayapo man from Brazil. A man translates for him. They discuss one of the ceremony videotapes that were shown to the audience. The cameraman asks a question about other groups that use video in the Amazon. Another person asks about conflict they’ve experienced. Questions are mostly inaudible. 7:20 They talk about objectification of culture. 9:28 The discussion ends.  9:49 Tape ends.

  • [Sister Connie]

    [Sister Connie]

    0:04 Camera opens inside a church. people walk around and talk before the ceremony starts.  1:00 Choir sings. Pastor introduces the ceremony. They pray and the ceremony begins. Choir performs throughout. Various people speak, read, and lead prayer. A woman performs a dance with a ribbon. 1:01:55 Ceremony breaks and people walk around and talk. Choir continues singing. Ceremony resumes. People take communion. Sister Connie speaks. The program transitions into an awards ceremony based on a House of Hope program … Continue reading

  • [End of Chicago Urban League]

    [End of Chicago Urban League]

    0:04 Open on a man speaking at a Chicago Urban League meeting. Roland Burris speaks about his political position and candidacy for mayor. 3:00 A woman asks what Burris would do to protect senior citizens from some of the danger on the streets if he were mayor. Meeting ends and people walk around and talk. A reporter asks Burris about why he is running as an independent candidate. He speaks with various community members who attended the meeting. 8:26 Cut … Continue reading

  • [November 13, 1993]

    [November 13, 1993]

    0:09 Camera opens on a presentation about the indigenous Kayapo people of Brazil at the Chicago Cultural Center. A Kayapo man speaks in his native language, and another man translates for him. They watch parts of Kayapo ceremonies. They watch a naming ceremony, a soccer game, and a meeting. They speak about the preservation of Kayapo culture, and ask for help in buying equipment to continue recording and archiving the lives of Kayapo people. 26:00 Presentation ends. The two presenters … Continue reading