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  • Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

    Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 91st birthday on October 1. Many say that he has been the most effective ex-President in history. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his Carter Center activities worldwide. We just read that, despite his brain tumors, Carter still teaches Sunday school in Georgia and is active in Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity started in 1976 and has built more than a million houses all over the world for more than … Continue reading

  • [MIA Vietnam veterans – Lorrien Finley – Steve Binder]

    [MIA Vietnam veterans – Lorrien Finley – Steve Binder]

    This video shows three different interviews. The first is with a street artist who is painting a mural in honor of the MIA veterans of the Vietnam War in order to attract support to find them. The second is with a woman named Lorrien Finley, who talks about reproductive rights, selective sterilization, and injustice in universal health care systems in the UK in the ’60s. The final interview is with Steve Binder, who directed/produced the Elvis’ 68 Comeback Special, as well as the 1968 Petula Clark special (which had the first televised touch between a white woman, Clark, and a black man, Harry Belafonte) and the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. He mainly talks about his experiences with Elvis. Continue reading

  • Ted Hayes & Justine Nille

    Ted Hayes & Justine Nille

    This video shows an extremely long interview with the director of Home for the Homeless in Los Angeles. Despite his organization he seems more interested with the problem of racism. Continue reading

  • [Borett Automation raw]

    [Borett Automation raw]

    This video consists of a tour of Borett Automation, a company that produces and manufactures robots, and looks at some of the video and robotic technology of the time period. Continue reading

  • Jimmy Carter Habitat [for Humanity]

    Jimmy Carter Habitat [for Humanity]

    This documents the June 17, 1990 Jimmy Carter Work Project of Habitat for Humanity held in San Diego. There are many shots of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter working on constructing the habitats. Continue reading

  • Christo Umbrellas

    Christo Umbrellas

    This video has footage of Christo’s yellow umbrella installation in Southern California in the early 1990s. There is some explanation of the project by an on-site worker as well as its sister project near Tokyo, Japan. Continue reading

  • [Inner City Art]

    [Inner City Art]

    This video starts out with the videomaker Judith Binder going to a nail salon. She then visits Inner-City Art, an after-school type program for children going to school in the inner city. Following this she goes to Venice Beach and talks with a few homeless people and then tapes along the Boardwalk. Continue reading

  • [The 90’s raw: New Orleans #2]

    [The 90’s raw: New Orleans #2]

    Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90’s. This video starts with a tour of the bayou near Thibodaux, Louisiana and then continues with the videomaker, Judith Binder, talking to several of the residents therein. Continue reading