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  • The Fight Over Faith

    0:00 Color bars. Cut to black. 3:12 CNN special, “The Fight Over Faith,” begins. Carol Marin reports on conflict within the Evangelical Christian church. Marin explains that different sects within the religion are fighting against each other over interpretations of the bible, even leading to official accusations of heresy within presbyterian churches. Interpretation concerning sexuality is one of the most relevant divergences between these groups. Marin speaks with people from different sects. 12:40 Cut to black. Segment returns. Marin defines … Continue reading

  • [Keeping the Faith]

    0:02 Color bars. Cut to black. Video information screen. 1:24 On screen text about the 2002 sexual scandal in the Catholic church. Several comments from members of the church about the jokes and rumors of pedophilia within the Catholic church. Carol Marin reports on the men being trained at Mt. St. Mary Seminary of the West in Cincinnati, Ohio, beginning by asking them why they would want to become priests in a time of scandal. 4:50 Marin talks about what … Continue reading

  • [Moseley Tape]

    0:15 The Channel 5 news opens with a report on the high cost of dealing with drug abuse for law enforcement. Carol Marin narrates this special, “The High Cost of Getting High.” She talks about current operations and the history of drug trafficking in Chicago. She cites statistics about the costs to the city of police, jails, courts, and other expenses for drug related crimes. 5:00 They talk with women in Cook County jail for drug related crimes. They talk … Continue reading

  • [As Time Passes]

    0:08 Color bars. “As Time Passes” title screen. 1:20 “As Time Passes,” narrated by Carol Marin, a Channel 5 news special, begins. This special covers survivors of urban violence, including rape, and gun violence. They begin by talking with a woman who was raped, Patsy Evans, and a man, Ricky Selenas, shot in a drive-by that paralyzed him from the waist down. The woman talks about how the trauma has affected her life. 8:55 Cut to black. Color bars and … Continue reading

  • [Grief’s Children]

    0:00 Color bars. 0:50 Open on a Channel Five news special about a mass murder that occurred on September 26, 1986. Carol Marin reports that drug dealers arrived looking for money, and when none was given to them, they killed almost everyone present, leaving only two children alive, one with 46 stab wounds. She introduces this special, Grief’s Children, as a segment about the kids affected by urban violence. 3:00 Footage of children that live in the Henry Horner housing … Continue reading

  • [Marin / Moseley Election dub]

    00:12 The camera opens on Carol Marin reporting on a debate happening that will focus on the financial future of Chicago between Richard M. Daley, Harold Washington, and Jane Byrne. There is widespread debate about how much taxes and fees have risen under the Byrne administration, and this will be, in large part, the focus of the debate. Clips of all three candidates answering questions at other press conferences. Marin explains the format of the debate. Varying audio levels. 4:03 … Continue reading

  • [Garcia]

    0:12 On screen text: “Guinivere Garcia.” 1:19 Open on a Carol Marin news report about Guinivere Garcia, a death row inmate scheduled to be executed in less than one week. She says that she has “made peace” with the death, Amnesty International and human rights activists are fighting to save her. They recount the trials of Garcia’s difficult life, leading up to Garcia murdering her infant child to “protect her from the kind of abuse” she had suffered as a … Continue reading

  • [Ch. 5 News, 5/1/97, 5/5/97]

    00:00 An episode of WMAQ News at 10. 00:18 Report on an accident that has resulted in a young child being killed after trying to escape from an elevator that was stuck. 1:59 Report on the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. 4:00 Report on four police officers under investigation for misconduct, including rape, robbery, and extreme force. Series of short reports on happenings of the city. 7:00 Commercial break. 8:42 The news returns with a report on a man who was … Continue reading