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  • [WTTW Channel 11 35th Anniversary Celebration]

    0:02 Opening of WTTW Chicago. Title screen introducing this segment as a celebration of the station’s 35th Anniversary Celebration. Clip of Mayor Richard J. Daley talking about the station at its opening. Historical footage of the station’s programming. Mark Russell talks about the station and his involvement with it. Short messages from famous programs and people that have appeared on and supported WTTW over the 35 years. 4:10 Footage of the anniversary kick-off party. Public celebration events celebrating Channel 11 … Continue reading

  • [Comedy Chicago, Second City etc]

    0:10 Color bars. Comedy Chicago title screen.  1:00 Comedy Chicago introduction sequence and opening remarks. He walks through the Second City Etc. theater, and talks about the group. He talks about the second theater opened by the company when there were too many performers. Cut to black.  3:50 Cut back to Clinger explaining the theater’s signature wall and director’s lounge. He walks around on stage and back stage, talking about how things work during performances. He talks with the piano … Continue reading

  • [Big City Broadcast Demo with Will Clinger]

    0:21 Color bars. “Big City Broadcast” info screen.  1:00 “Big City Broadcast” introduction. Host Paul Barrosse plays practical jokes on people on the streets of Chicago, asking them to read fake news broadcasts. 4:36 Commercial break. Show returns. Chicago citizens sing famous songs with their voices affected by helium.  6:20 Will Clinger pranks couples getting their marriage licenses.  9:05 Voice dubbing over people around the city. Commercial break.  10:45 Barrosse dresses up random people from the street in rock n’ … Continue reading

  • [Comedy Chicago, Batteries Not Included, Improv Institute]

    0:40 Introduction for “Comedy Chicago: Batteries Not Included,” hosted by Will Clinger. He drives a car and introduces the show. 2:10 Cut to black. 2:55 Video returns to the same moment it cut out. Clinger jokes that he is lost. Commercial break. He arrives at the venue and talks about the comedians that perform here each week. He looks for the stage and finds it in a room in the back of the building where comedians are improvising. 9:3o Clinger … Continue reading

  • [Comedy Chicago Episode #5: “The Second City”]

    0:01 Color bars. Comedy Chicago Second City title screen.  1:55 Comedy Chicago opening sequence. Will Clinger introduces the episode talking about Second City. Clinger goes through the Second City Theater, talking about points of interest and the history of the group. A bit of footage from old shows.  7:55 Clinger goes backstage and talks about the props and costumes. He talks to the producer, Joyce Sloane.  12:45 Clinger tries to interview some of the performers briefly before the show starts, … Continue reading

  • [Roland 4 12:00 / Maceo Anderson]

    0:01 The video opens on Will Clinger preparing questions to interview a Vaudeville performer, Roland. He records questions asking Roland about the big stars that he worked with, about performers that used blackface, about locations he performed in, the money he made, and the types of performances he gave, among other things. Roland sits listening to all of these questions without answering while Clinger works with people behind the camera to develop the questions. 4:30 Roland answers the question, “What … Continue reading

  • [Schuliens 1, 2]

    Raw footage of retired Vaudeville performers discussing their careers in Schuliens. Continue reading