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  • Jazz Shorts

    0:10 Honky Tonk Bud by Scott Laster. Color film. 1986. The description on the box reads: “A jazz-rap composition featuring the music of Chicago saxophonist/composer/arranger, Edward Wilkerson, Jr. The subject is urban legend immortalized in the Black Oral tradition called ‘Toasting’: doggerel poems that chronicle characters from Black street mythology. Starring John Toles-Be y as the Rap Narrator.” Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 1123

    Image Union, episode 1123

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring three videos by Julie Zammarchi, Marsha V. Morgan, and Teri Yarbrow. Continue reading

  • I Was A Zero In City 2000

    The story of Tom Palazzolo’s efforts to get his photographs included in the City 2000 exhibition, a show featuring images of Chicago from throughout that year. Palazzolo shoots events during the year 2000, such as Taste of Chicago, Maxwell Street, an AIDS bicycle ride, and other public festivals. Througout the tape we se e his new photographs and some of his older ones. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0409

    Image Union, episode 0409

    Two part Image Union episode featuring “The Sadness of a Cleaning Woman at Midnight” by Deborah Scholinski and Milo Yelesiyevich and “Time” by Daryl Moore. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 1008

    00:00 Image Union opening. 01:06 “Chic A Go Go” by Henriette Chardak. Color film. A poetic and largely dialogue-free documentary about Chicago set to music from the 1950″s and 1960’s. Many areas and attractions around Chicago are featured, including: The “Rock ‘n Roll” McDonald’s, a tattoo shop, Maxwell Street Market, Ritz Hotel, and the Illinois Center (current State of Illinois Building/Thompson Center), 24:42 Image Union end credits.

  • Image Union, episode 0509

    Image Union, episode 0509

    Compilation episode of Image Union featuring the work of artists Randy Marcus, Ricke Pukis, Judy Whitaker, Niek Reus, and Ted Shen. Continue reading

  • Cities: Studs Terkel’s Chicago

    Cities: Studs Terkel’s Chicago

    00:00 Bars and tone. 00:40 Studs Terkel relates an anecdote about meeting a woman in Italy and telling her he’s from Chicago. She replies, “Oh, I know Chicago – Bang, bang, bang!” (Referring to Chicago’s history of gangsters.) Terkel tells us that Chicago is so much more than that. He is going to show us his Chicago, the Chicago he loves. 01:09 “The ethnic parade is as natural to Chicago as the river that flows through it. On any given … Continue reading

  • The Algren Chronicles: Somebody’s Street Fair

    The Algren Chronicles: Somebody’s Street Fair

    A documentary about author Nelson Algren. In the piece, various artists, journalists, and writers speak about Algren’s life, his literary work, and the importance of his writings in Chicago. Also features many photographs by Stephen Deutch and Art Shay. Continue reading