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  • Why you love Media Burn

    Why you love Media Burn

    Dear friends: This is your last chance in 2015 to support our work to preserve and distribute innovative and unique videos that illuminate our understanding of the world. We need $3,500 today to reach our year-end goal… so do it now. It takes two minutes. Have a happy new year, and thanks, as always. Quotes about Media Burn in 2015: Press Highlights: “…one of Chicago’s least noted yet most valuable archives.” –Newcity, November, 2015, Chicago’s 50 screen gems. “a vast … Continue reading

  • Haskell Wexler was always in his own category

    Haskell Wexler was always in his own category

    By Tom Weinberg In Hollywood, he was the go-to cameraman for the most accomplished directors and most influential movies for decades. He has an incredible 80 credits as cinematographer over 63 years, on features, commercials, and his love—documentaries. Haskell shot (and wrote and directed) many of the most politically and socially relevant progressive documentaries in history. He was justifiably proud of his two Oscars and countless other awards, but he was so much more than “a legendary cameraman.” Haskell was … Continue reading

  • Christmas at Studs’ Place

    Christmas at Studs’ Place

    Please make your tax deductible year-end contribution to Media Burn by clicking here today. Thanks, as always! “You just have an over-fondness for helping anybody that walks in the door. All they need is a sad story.” In this episode of Studs’ Place from 1951, Gracie presents Studs with his $52 from the Christmas Savers Club that he saved by depositing $1 each week all year. He’s pleased with his plans to buy a phonograph for his son and a … Continue reading

  • Be part of the solution

    Be part of the solution

    Dear friend: As you know, Media Burn does a huge amount of terrific work on a real tight budget. We now have close to 3,000 videos online. Each required hours of preservation and cataloging to get there, and ongoing costs for hosting and storage. We’re in a weird position: people love our videos. Yet, only 1 out of 6 of the people who read these emails financially support our work. More than 13 million worldwide have viewed our FREE videos, … Continue reading

  • Media Burn Archive, 2015

    Media Burn Archive, 2015

    Dear Friend: MEDIA BURN is far more than an archive of 6,000 videos… It represents 45 years of producers creating socially and historically significant documentary videos to increase understanding and make the world a better place. Since we’ve been online, more than 13 million have viewed our videos. There is nothing comparable to what we do–anywhere in the world. It started 12 years ago as a dream of mine to preserve and distribute the videos produced by some of the … Continue reading

  • Guns and Violence

    Guns and Violence

    Media Burn is a part of AmazonSmile. If you shop at Amazon using the link below, Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to Media Burn (Fund for Innovative TV)! Save this code in your favorites bar to use when you buy stuff. Guns are again on everyone’s mind all over the world. We went back to a broadcast we produced in 1992, “Guns and Violence,” a prescient and powerful but depressing hour of THE 90’s PBS series. … Continue reading

  • 2015 highlights and updates

    Our Board Long-time board members Elizabeth Coffman, Dee Davis, Thea Flaum, Eric Kramer, and Tom Weinberg have been the key to our survival and success. In 2015, we have been truly lucky to add two new members who are particularly qualified and enthusiastic to help us take new directions. Ben Kolak is a Chicago filmmaker with global connections. Ben’s directorial debut, Scrappers (2010), went on to win awards at numerous festivals and make critic Roger Ebert’s list of the top … Continue reading

  • Ralph Nader: Celebrating Golden Anniversary as Activist

    Ralph Nader: Celebrating Golden Anniversary as Activist

    Fifty years ago this week, lawyer–turned–citizens’ advocate Ralph Nader changed the entire auto industry by writing Unsafe at any Speed. The book became a nonfiction bestseller and was responsible for the demise of the Chevrolet Corvair and the formation of the National Auto Safety Board, and led to the requirement for seat belts, airbags, and anti-lock brakes among others. Nader, now 81, has been a persistent advocate for consumer rights, the environment, and anti-corporatism. He was a candidate for President … Continue reading