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  • Tour our archive next Friday, October 9th

    Tour our archive next Friday, October 9th

    Chicago Open Archives: Come see our archive next Friday, October 9th!   While most of our videos are available for the public to watch on our website at any time, our physical archive is not usually open to the public. However, this special event will give visitors an opportunity to tour our facilities and see a short screening of some highlights from the collection. What: A behind the scenes tour of Media Burn Archive, including a short screening of highlights … Continue reading

  • Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy Carter!

    Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 91st birthday on October 1. Many say that he has been the most effective ex-President in history. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his Carter Center activities worldwide. We just read that, despite his brain tumors, Carter still teaches Sunday school in Georgia and is active in Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity started in 1976 and has built more than a million houses all over the world for more than … Continue reading

  • 2015 Emmy award winner Jill Soloway

    2015 Emmy award winner Jill Soloway

    Last Sunday (September 20, 2015) Jill Soloway won the prime time Emmy award for best director of a comedy series. The program is Transparent, based on her own family in which her father came out as a woman at the age of 74. The first video is Jill’s moving acceptance speech. The second video is our archival interview with her, produced by Skip Blumberg, that first appeared on The 90’s series in 1991 when Soloway and her sister Faith created a stage version of The Brady Bunch. Watch the … Continue reading

  • McCuddy’s classic Bridgeport tavern

    McCuddy’s classic Bridgeport tavern

    Summer is coming to a close, and soon enough we’ll all be wearing sweaters and grumbling about the crummy weather. In the spirit of holding on just a bit longer, we take you down to McCuddy’s bar in Bridgeport, which served baseball fans (and players!) from 1910 until 1988. According to Mrs. Frances McCuddy, Babe Ruth would walk across the street to her bar during the break between doubleheaders to pick up a roast beef sandwich. The bar eventually was … Continue reading

  • A look inside Deep Tunnel

    A look inside Deep Tunnel

    Chicago’s Deep Tunnel is a massive underground tunnel system that helps protect the region from flooding and wastewater. Beginning in 1975, two generations of workers have helped to build this 100-mile system of tunnels that is not scheduled to be fully completed until 2029. This month, construction was completed on the Thornton Quarry Reservoir, which will soon go online and be capable of holding 8 billion gallons of water. “The Deep Tunnel” is an impressionistic look at this underground tunnel … Continue reading

  • Nixon’s resignation (excerpts)

  • Surviving the Eastland

    Surviving the Eastland

    This summer marks the centenary of the 1915 Eastland disaster, one of the worst tragedies in Chicago history. On the morning of July 24, 1915, more than 2,500 people boarded the SS Eastland on the Chicago River near Clark Street. They were mostly employees of Western Electric headed to a company picnic in Michigan City, Indiana. Loaded to capacity, the ship tipped into the river, killing 844 people, many of whom were trapped in lower decks. Twenty-two entire families perished. … Continue reading

  • Who was Bill Veeck’s greatest hero?

    Who was Bill Veeck’s greatest hero?

    BABE RUTH… Ask people to name five baseball players. Most will include “Babe Ruth,” even though his prime was 80 or 90 years ago and he died in 1948, 67 years ago this week. Many consider George Herman Ruth Jr. one of the greatest icons not only in baseball, but in all of American history. He was the most dominant player ever. In the 1922 season, he hit 54 home runs. No other player hit more than 19 and only … Continue reading