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  • Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, 5/27/1981

    Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, 5/27/1981

    The Mid-day report with Elizabeth Brackett, which aired on May 27, 1981, covers the day’s news stories. Continue reading

  • Casino Gambling in Chicago

    Casino Gambling in Chicago

    This series of three news reports concerns the controversy surrounding Mayor Jane Byrne’s idea to introduce casino gambling in Chicago, which focuses on the positive and negative consequences of introducing casino gambling in Atlantic City, NJ. Continue reading

  • Chicago Folk and Roots festival

    Chicago Folk and Roots festival

    Footage of the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival at Welles Park. Includes conversations with attendees and musicians, as well as the entire set of a band’s performance. Continue reading

  • Bridgeport Block Party

    Bridgeport Block Party

    Silent home movie footage of a block party in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago sometime in the late ’70s or early ’80s. Continue reading

  • A look at the early career of 2015 Golden Globe Winner Jill Soloway

    A look at the early career of 2015 Golden Globe Winner Jill Soloway

    Everybody gets started somewhere, and for a lot of comedic actors and producers, that place is and has been Chicago’s improv comedy scene. In this video, we look back at a time when Jill Soloway (creator of Transparent, which just won the 2015 Golden Globe for Best Television Musical or Comedy and writer for Grey’s Anatomy and Six Feet Under), Jane Lynch (now well known as one of the regular actors in the Christopher Guest mockumentaries and for her role on … Continue reading

  • In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    In Your Interest: Mike Gray

    Author and documentary filmmaker Mike Gray speaks at a public forum in Bloomington Indiana entitled “The Hidden Casualties of the War on Drugs,” recorded on a program called “In Your Interest” on WIPX Channel 63, Trafalgar, IN. He touches upon topics brought up in his book “Drug Crazy.” Continue reading

  • Tug Boat

    Tug Boat

    A short film about a man who has been sailing his entire life and is now passing on his knowledge. Interview audio is played over shots of crew members performing tasks on a sailing boat, and brief scenes of the sailor instructing a crew member. Continue reading

  • And This is Free

    And This is Free

    “‘And This Is Free’ is the fascinating personal vision of life around Chicago’s Maxwell Street open air market shot by award winning photographer Mike Shea [capturing] the gritty urban landscape that nurtured Chicago blues… Shot with a handheld camera in the cinema verite style… the film crew spent every weekend on Maxwell Street over a six month period… The flow of everyday details – overheard conversation, faces in the crowd, items strewn in a vendor’s stall – captivates the viewer with the power of authenticity.” The film uses the footage to illustrate a Sunday afternoon on Maxwell Street in 1964. Continue reading