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  • A Look Back At A Special 2014

    A Look Back At A Special 2014

    Dear Friends: With your help, we’ve come a long way in our first decade. From a storefront full of tapes and a core group of early believers, Media Burn has become an internationally respected leader in the moving image archiving community. Our videos have been viewed more than 12 million times around the world. 2014 was our best year ever. (See below for details). We’ve been able to thrive due the generous support of funders like the National Endowment for … Continue reading

  • D.C. Mayor Marion Barry: “It’s got nothing to do with drugs.”

    D.C. Mayor Marion Barry: “It’s got nothing to do with drugs.”

    Marion Barry, former Mayor of the District of Columbia, passed away last week. Elected in 1979, he was the first civil rights leader to become mayor of a major US city. He was well-loved by many of D.C.’s residents, earning the nickname “Mayor for Life.”In 1990, Barry was arrested by the FBI following a sting operation where Barry was videotaped smoking crack cocaine. He was ultimately convicted and served 6 months in prison. After his release, he ran for a … Continue reading

  • Echoes of Rodney King

    Echoes of Rodney King

    Last night, a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown. As protesters took to the streets, they chanted the words, “No justice, no peace”—an echo of similar protests that arose in 1992 after a jury acquitted the officers involved in the Rodney King beating. Many of the same issues and outrages that surrounded the Rodney King trial are flaring up again in response to the events in Ferguson. So today, we’re … Continue reading

  • Remembering Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne

    Remembering Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne

    By now you’ve read a lot of stories about her, and seen what the TV stations have broadcast. But you probably haven’t seen most of the video that is in our archive. We’ve preserved several dozen videos with Byrne during her short period as mayor, and we’ve put together a perspective that may differ a bit from other accounts. It features footage shot by Nick Despota, Tom Finerty, Scott Jacobs, John Mabey, Cindy Neal, Lilly Ollinger, and Tom Weinberg, as … Continue reading

  • American Indian Experience: Mike Chosa on Indian Activism

    American Indian Experience: Mike Chosa on Indian Activism

    Mike Chosa leads a lecture discussing the problems faced by the Native American community, both in the reservations and in Chicago. He discusses the policy of relocating Native Americans to the cities, the problems caused by those policies, and the response by the different Native American organizations which were established in the city. Continue reading

  • American Indian Experience: Ada Deer and Mike Chosa

    American Indian Experience: Ada Deer and Mike Chosa

    Advocates for the Menominee tribe of Wisconsin discuss the 1950s federal act which terminated their tribe, dissolved their reservation, and adversely affected the members of their community. Continue reading

  • Uptown special projects scrapbook

    Uptown special projects scrapbook

    This is a series of short video segments shot primarily in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago in 1974. They mostly concern problems faced by the residents of Uptown, including issues with the FLAT grant, the practice of redlining, and the lack of projects and programs which would make the community safer for the public. Continue reading

  • Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    This video shows the efforts of the Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) to push local financial institutions into investing more of their money in the Uptown and Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago. It contains a series of segments from 1974, including a session with Gov. Dan Walker, a meeting with the Uptown National Bank, and three newsreels which show the backlash against some local banks, as well as the O.N.E.’s success in negotiating a pact with four of the banks in these neighborhoods. Continue reading