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  • Las Nicas

    00:29 Julia Lesage provides some background on the work that went into making this video. Lesage, along with Carole Isaacs, interviewed Nicaraguan women in 1981 and 1982 and created this script as a “dramatization and condensation” of their stories. 01:38 Kathy Lanahan, a friend of Lesage and Isaacs, talks about her motivation for getting involved in the project. “It concerns women, and the concerns of women and the affairs of women, as far as I’m concerned, are one of the … Continue reading

  • Home Life

    01:03 Opening shots of Esteli, Nicaragua. 02:08 Randall Mullins talks about the differences he’s observed between his Nicaraguan host family and his family growing up. “There’s frankly a lot going on in this family in terms of caring and interaction that there wasn’t as much of in my family,” he says. “We were so involved in working and making a living and watching TV. I’m learning a great deal and receiving a great deal from being here.” 04:20 Mullins details … Continue reading

  • Getting Around

    00:26 Footage of Dave Maloney, a student with a prosthetic arm, trying to purchase a Snickers bar from a vending machine. He succeeds with the help of another student and then painstakingly packs his backpack–which is carried by a guide dog–for class. 02:00 Paul Triantafilos has a congenital deformity that suppressed the growth of his lower extremities. Despite this, he’s had a number of “high-profile” jobs working with the public. “People at first are very uncomfortable around me,” he says. … Continue reading

  • In Plain English

    01:13 Eric Ward and Maria Mendoza talk about their limited exposure to college before arriving at the University of Oregon. 01:58 “I think that the idea of self-identity really came out for a lot of students once they hit this campus,” Michelle Singer explains. “When you were in high school or public school you weren’t classified as Native American or Asian American or Hispanic or Chicano or whatever. Here at the University, you were.” 03:09 Carol Cheney, who was adopted … Continue reading

  • Tony Fitzpatrick on the Art of Tattoo

    Tony Fitzpatrick on the Art of Tattoo

    Tattoos. There’s something mysterious and enigmatic about them. According to famed tattooer, painter, and printmaker Don Ed Hardy, “This enigma is central to the entire practice: few of us who are tattooed can formulate a pat answer as to why we do it, any more than the honest, intensely driven artist can say why he or she creates. The mystery keeps us going.” Back in 1993, before there was a tattoo parlor on every block, Hardy teamed up with Tony … Continue reading

  • MJ Epilogue

    02:24 What’s changed for Michael since 1996? “Well, pretty much everything–I’ve changed cars, I’ve changed place of residence, I’ve changed from part-time to full-time, I’m a grandfather now. Just changed my whole frame of mind.” 03:29 Michael updates us on his family. His daughter Daisy had a baby girl in December. “She’s beautiful. She looks just like me!” 04:35 “I’m still doing the same regimen everyday: go home and work out a little bit, play at the gym sometimes. This … Continue reading

  • Municipal Mirth: Chicago’s Neighborhood Festivals, 1979

    Municipal Mirth: Chicago’s Neighborhood Festivals, 1979

    Neighborhood festivals are synonymous with summer here in Chicago. Every weekend, you can find multiple festivals going on all over the city, and while they may vary greatly in terms of size and scope, each one showcases the distinct culture and atmosphere of its respective neighborhood. In 1979, Mayor Jane Byrne’s plan to cancel ChicagoFest, which had been started the previous year by her predecessor, Mayor Michael Bilandic, was met with public outcry. As a result, Byrne not only decided … Continue reading

  • [Election Night at Tsongas Illinois]

    00:00 Footage of a preliminary hearing for the David Duke presidential campaign, whose place on the Illinois ballot was contested. 03:00 Dawn Larson, organizer of a petition to put David Duke on the ballot in Illinois, talks about her efforts to a reporter. “So you think that anyone who wants to run for president of the United States should be allowed to run?” “Absolutely.” She then talks about inconsistencies in the primary system, and points out that New Hampshire and … Continue reading