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  • Call for Media Burn artists-in-residence

    Call for Media Burn artists-in-residence

    Are you an artist who still has work languishing on deteriorating videotape? Apply to take part in the new Media Burn Artist-in-Residence program! Two artists-in-residence will be selected for 2018. They will receive: –15 of their videotapes restored and digitized by Media Burn Archive, a leader in archival preservation. (Estimated retail value: $1,125-$2,175) –The 15 tapes will be stored in perpetuity in our vault and the digital files available for free public viewing at Our collection has been viewed … Continue reading

  • No Grapes

    Documentary advocating that the use of pesticides in grape production be stopped due to negative health effects on workers. Continue reading

  • Everybody In, Nobody Out

    Health and Medicine Policy Research Group in Honor of the 80th Birthday of Dr. Quentin Young. Continue reading

  • Conflict and Compromise at Chicago Public Schools

    Conflict and Compromise at Chicago Public Schools

    Since becoming mayor in 2011, Rahm Emanuel has brought dramatic changes to the Chicago Public School system. In 2013, Chicago closed 50 schools, predominantly in minority neighborhoods. The closures were met with substantial opposition from the Chicago Teachers Union, parents, and students, after which CPS enacted a five-year moratorium in school closings. As the moratorium comes to a close, CPS initially announced the closure of four schools in Englewood starting at the end of the current academic year. According to … Continue reading

  • Art Jones Hasn’t Changed His Bigoted Platform in 38 Years

    Art Jones Hasn’t Changed His Bigoted Platform in 38 Years

    Art Jones (of the America First Committee and the American Nazi Party), boldly espouses white supremacy and homophobic policy, and is not afraid to use them as a political platform. He has done so in the past, and continues to do so today. Jones has ran for the same Illinois 3rd Congressional District seat five times, beginning in 1992, but was unsuccessful with each attempt. Now, Jones has entered the March 20, 2018 primary for Illinois 3rd Congressional District as … Continue reading

  • Media Archiving Workshop

    Media Archiving Workshop Do you have boxes of film, video, or audio that you want to be able to view and save? Join us for a FREE Media Archiving Workshop. This hands-on workshop is intended for anyone interested in tackling his or her media collection, either in-house or with a vendor. Whether you’re in the middle of a digitization project, just getting started, or planning to start (someday!), this workshop will give you the information you need. The event is … Continue reading

  • Tigerman Trounces Trump

    Tigerman Trounces Trump

    In 1990, renowned architect/teacher Stanley Tigerman was outspoken about his worries about where our culture was going.  In this interview, he refers to the negative impact of “crazies like Trump.”   After numerous critical statements by Tigerman over more than a decade, Trump responded in a 2001 public letter to the Chicago Tribune: “With regard to the very nasty quotes about me by a certain Stanley Tigerman–this is the first time I have ever heard Tigerman’s name and, until now, … Continue reading

  • Honoring Investigative Journalist Robert Parry

    Honoring Investigative Journalist Robert Parry

    Robert Parry, an investigative journalist and author who worked to expose the details of the Reagan administration’s secret support for Nicaraguan rebels in the 1980s, passed away on January 27th in Arlington, VA at the age of 68. In 1984, Mr. Parry famously disclosed that the CIA had provided support, including an assassination manual, to the right-wing rebels of Nicaragua, the Contras, in order to assist with the toppling of the then socialist Nicaraguan government. For that reporting, Mr. Parry … Continue reading