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  • The Nixon tape

    The Nixon tape

    Elon Soltes visits San Clemente, California, where photographers have been stationed for months trying to capture the ellusive former president Richard Nixon on film. This group of obsessives endures endless hours of boredom as they seemingly futilely wait for their chance to outsmart Nixon ‘s bodyguards and snap a valuable photograph. Continue reading

  • It’s A Living: Paper Roses

    It’s A Living: Paper Roses

    In 1975, the Chicago video collective Videopolis produced a documentary called “It’s a Living.” The tape was loosely based on Studs Terkel’s book, “Working,” which was a collection of interviews with ordinary people talking about their jobs. This hour-long program was shown on Channel 11 (WTTW) in Chicago. After the success of this tape, the videomakers were commissioned to make six half-hour shows that had the same type of mission. “Paper Roses” featured residents of the Chicago Housing Authority’s Clark-Irving Apartments, which provided low-rent housing for senior citizens. The tape is not a traditional documentary with formal interviews, rather, it is a simple collection of real people talking about themselves. The subjects seem very comfortable talking to the camera and speak honestly about aging and retirement. Continue reading

  • Greetings From Lanesville

    Greetings From Lanesville

    A composite of episodes of Lanesville TV, which was broadcast every Saturday night in Lanesville, New York to residents of a few small towns in the Catskills. The show had a lighthearted community focus, and featured segments on local events and people. Verbal description does not do it justice because it is a unique example of early “pure” video. Continue reading

  • Pugs ‘n Pols

    Pugs ‘n Pols

    Three documentaries by Chicago videomakers from the 1970s: “Jane Byrne Election Night” by Scott Jacobs, “Golden Gloves” by Tom Weinberg and Scott Jacobs, and “Election Day (Chicago Style) by Scott Jacobs and Valjean McLenighan. Continue reading

  • [Pieces from hour III of Five Day Bicycle Race]

    Pieces from the live broadcast of Five Day Bicycle Race, a documentary made at and about the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York City. Most of this footage is from the studio, but it does include the segment in which Tom Weinberg and his cameraman attempt to gain entrance to a party thrown by Rolling Stone Magazine. It also includes a telephone poll that asks viewers if Rolling Stone represents their interests. Continue reading