Studs on a Soapbox (DVD)


This intimate documentary is a fitting tribute to the fiery spirit of Studs Terkel: Pulitzer Prize winning author, Chicago radio legend, and incomparable raconteur. It begins with Terkel on his soap box in Bughouse Square and features archival footage of Studs at WFMT radio, at his home in Uptown, and with his longtime friends, authors Mike Royko and Nelson Algren. It spans fifty years of Terkel’s life, starting with the groundbreaking Studs’ Place (1949-51), which helped to define the “Chicago School of Television,” to Studs in his 90th year. The program was written and produced by noted independent video producer Tom Weinberg, who worked with Terkel for a quarter century.

The DVD special features include behind the scenes footage at home with Terkel, and is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the legend at his most candid, witty, and charming. It also features Terkel’s public memorial in 2009 in Chicago featuring Timuel Black, Roger Ebert, Rick Kogan, Sydney Lewis, Andre Schifrin, Dan Terkell, Haskell Wexler, Gary Wills, and Quentin Young, plus musical performances dedicated to Studs.

Price: $24.95
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