The 90’s Election Specials: The Convention (download)


The Convention is a remarkably candid, insightful, and often hilarious historical documentary… a rare inside look at the biggest shows in politics, the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.  Featuring behind-the-scenes footage never seen anywhere else, and produced with a nonconformist attitude rarely seen on television, it was broadcast as the second of a three part series on the 1992 election cycle by the award-winning independently produced PBS series, THE 90’s.

This is not your usual TV news coverage! In Houston, political satirist Stoney Burke takes on Sonny Bono, Pat Buchanan, Al d’Amato, Jack Kemp, Oliver North, Bruce Willis, George W. Bush, and several “Family Values” rallies as part of the RNC.  From New York, the inner workings of the Clinton campaign’s command post, a vocal faction of Jerry Brown supporters tries to derail the DNC, a street parade featuring topless women, Aretha Franklin singing the National Anthem and a portrait of the American Samoan delegation.

“I’m bowled over at what a wild, wacky, witty, incisive, ludicrous, hilarious and altogether riveting package the show has created from the 1992 primary…It is a video tour de force, a cavalcade of fascinating images and insights.”–Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune.

Price: $12.95
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