The 90’s Election Specials: The Primary (DVD)


The first of a three part documentary series on the 1992 election produced for the award-winning PBS series THE 90’s, The Primary features insightful and often hilarious footage never seen anywhere else. It is a remarkably candid inside look at the road to the presidency for Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, beginning early in the campaign when he was still just one of many candidates. It marks the first election success of a young team that develop into major powers in politics and media two decades later, including Rahm Emanuel, David Wilhelm, Paul Begala, James Carville, George Stephanopolous, David Axelrod, and Dee Dee Meyers. It also documents the emergence of a new power base in Chicago politics through Carol Moseley Braun’s historic campaign to become the first (and only) female African-American senator–a seat later filled by Barack Obama.

“I’m bowled over at what a wild, wacky, witty, incisive, ludicrous, hilarious and altogether riveting package the show has created from the 1992 primary‚ĶIt is a video tour de force, a cavalcade of fascinating images and insights.”–Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune.

Special features include one of Hillary Clinton’s best and most authentic speeches at a south side Chicago church, plus an inside look at the way political handlers orchestrate a candidate’s appearance, from shirts to snacks.

Price: $24.95
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