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  • A Gary Tape

    A Gary Tape

    An organizing workshop led by activist Staughton Lynd at Indiana University Northwest on 9-16-71 to discuss organizing around tax policy and investigating grocery pricing in Illinois and Indiana. A month earlier, President Richard Nixon had issued an executive order freezing wages for 90 days. In response, supermarkets were pressured to suspend price increases, although this group felt they were not adhering to this promise. Continue reading

  • Salt of the Earth vs Chambers

    Salt of the Earth vs Chambers

    This video documents a post-screening discussion with Virginia Jencks about the 1954 film “Salt of the Earth.” Jencks was a labor leader who played herself in the film. It portrays a real-life strike that occurred at Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico and most of the roles in the film were played by the real life miners and union organizers. The film was directed by Herbert Biberman, who was blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), and it was not shown for many years after its completion. Continue reading

  • The Legacy of Chernobyl

    The Legacy of Chernobyl

    “I can see war. I cannot see radiation. I look around one day and I am dead.” —Dick Gregory, 1979 Illinois is a state of nuclear renown. The first ever atomic chain reaction took place at the University of Chicago in 1942. In 1960 the nation’s first full-scale, privately financed nuclear power plant, Dresden Generating Station, opened in northern Illinois. Today, Illinois continues to be the number one nuclear power producer in the U.S. and a nexus of the debate around … Continue reading

  • [Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn]

    [Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn]

    Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn reflect on their radical activism as members of the Weathermen, a militant anti-war movement active throughout the 1970s, and talk about their current efforts for reform in Chicago. Continue reading

  • Minneapolis Operation Rescue

    Minneapolis Operation Rescue

    Footage of a pro-life event featuring Randall Terry. Terry talks about the impending “moral anarchy” of the nation and his opinions on the importance of God. Continue reading

  • Boris Ross #2

    Boris Ross #2

    Shot for Communications for Change’s “Documenting Social History: Chicago’s Elderly Speak” oral history series. This is the second part of an interview with Boris Ross, a Russian immigrant to Chicago who was heavily involved in the labor movement. Continue reading

  • Uptown special projects scrapbook

    Uptown special projects scrapbook

    This is a series of short video segments shot primarily in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago in 1974. They mostly concern problems faced by the residents of Uptown, including issues with the FLAT grant, the practice of redlining, and the lack of projects and programs which would make the community safer for the public. Continue reading

  • Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    Scrapbook: Bank Issue

    This video shows the efforts of the Organization of the Northeast (O.N.E.) to push local financial institutions into investing more of their money in the Uptown and Edgewater neighborhoods of Chicago. It contains a series of segments from 1974, including a session with Gov. Dan Walker, a meeting with the Uptown National Bank, and three newsreels which show the backlash against some local banks, as well as the O.N.E.’s success in negotiating a pact with four of the banks in these neighborhoods. Continue reading