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  • [Charlie Finley interview rough cut] – [1986 Old Timers’ Game]

    [Charlie Finley interview rough cut] – [1986 Old Timers’ Game]

    This tape features interview segments with former Oakland A’s owner Charlie Finley. In the interview, Finley talks about his time spent in Oakland and some of the trials and tribulations that came with the ownership. This tape also features clips from the 1969 Chicago Cubs’ Old Timers’ Game against the ’69 New York Mets in 1986. The game is held at the Cubs’ spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona.  Continue reading

  • [Once A Star raw: Charlie Finley #2a]

    [Once A Star raw: Charlie Finley #2a]

    This tape is comprised a Q&A session segment with famed Oakland A’s owner Charlie Finley, as well as some b-roll from around his barn-turned-house. Seated in his living room, Finley addresses controversial topics like the Designated Hitter Rule, the use of drugs in baseball, and the changes he believes will take place in the upcoming years. With b-roll from inside Finley’s house, he explains the rare and antique items that adorn it and shows off some of the house’s more unique features. Continue reading