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  • [Chicago Tonight: Petcoke]

    [Chicago Tonight: Petcoke]

    News segment concerning piles of petroleum coke along the Calumet River, and their effect on the health of surrounding residents. Continue reading

  • [Canadian Oil]

    [Canadian Oil]

    News profile of oil the US receives from Canada, including its economic benefits and environmental harm. Continue reading

  • [Vanishing birds]

    [Vanishing birds]

    Short news segment about the disappearing prairies in Illinois and the species who inhabit them. Continue reading

  • Newshour: Asian Carp

    Newshour: Asian Carp

    PBS Newshour segment about Silver and Bighead Carp invading American rivers. Looks at effects and prevention strategies, as well as those who have used the invasive species to their advantage. Continue reading

  • Newshour: Nuclear Waste

    Newshour: Nuclear Waste

    Segment covering concerns about the possibility of a new nuclear reactor being built in Clinton, IL, as well as safety issues surrounding the disposal of nuclear waste. Continue reading

  • Newshour: Clean Water

    Newshour: Clean Water

    News segment concerning the Clean Water Act and its effect on plans for a landfill in the Chicago suburbs. Covers the US Army Corps of Engineers opposition to the landfill, and the resulting court cases. Continue reading

  • Postcard from 1st U.S. Environmental Film Festival

    Postcard from 1st U.S. Environmental Film Festival

    Short film about the first U.S. Environmental Film Festival, held in Colorado Springs in April 1990. Continue reading

  • Redwood Summer, 1990

    Redwood Summer, 1990

    For this year’s Earth Day, we take a look back to the year 1990, when thousands of activists congregated in various bases throughout California’s redwood forests as part of the large scale anti-deforestation protest known as Redwood Summer. The event involved various forms of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience, including protesters sitting in front of bulldozers or chaining themselves to trees as well as legal motions for court injunctions against the logging of old growth forests. Redwood Summer sparked conflict … Continue reading