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  • The 90’s, episode 112: Drugs And Other Wars

    The 90’s, episode 112: Drugs And Other Wars

    Episode 112 of the award-winning TV series The 90’s. This episode is called “DRUGS & OTHER WARS” and features the following segments: Continue reading

  • The Jerry Lewis Show

    This tape contains three segments featuring a painfully unfunny Jerry Lewis impersonator. The first segment is the Lewis impersonator with a band. “Lewis” does some shtick, but doesn’t sing. The second segment is clips from what seems to be a fake talk show. The talk show may be real, but the host is really hamming it up with “Lewis”, giving the show the appearance of fakery. The final clip appears to be the impersonator doing some Lewis shtick at a comedy club. “Lewis” pretends to sing along with an opera recording. This point cannot be stressed enough: this Jerry Lewis impersonator is not funny! Continue reading