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  • [Howard Zinn raw #16]

    Howard Zinn attends an Awards Dinner for the Eugene V. Debs Foundation held at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. Continue reading

  • [Howard Zinn raw #14]

    Howard Zinn gives a talk at the University of Georgia. He discusses the idea of neutrality and objectivity in history, the omission of the labor struggle from American history, the Civil Rights movement, and his personal experiences as a worker, soldier, and teacher. Continue reading

  • [Howard Zinn raw #12]

    Howard Zinn speaks at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh on the history of the labor movement and workers’ struggles in the United States. Continue reading

  • A Gary Tape

    A Gary Tape

    An organizing workshop led by activist Staughton Lynd at Indiana University Northwest on 9-16-71 to discuss organizing around tax policy and investigating grocery pricing in Illinois and Indiana. A month earlier, President Richard Nixon had issued an executive order freezing wages for 90 days. In response, supermarkets were pressured to suspend price increases, although this group felt they were not adhering to this promise. Continue reading

  • Salt of the Earth vs Chambers

    Salt of the Earth vs Chambers

    This video documents a post-screening discussion with Virginia Jencks about the 1954 film “Salt of the Earth.” Jencks was a labor leader who played herself in the film. It portrays a real-life strike that occurred at Empire Zinc Mine in New Mexico and most of the roles in the film were played by the real life miners and union organizers. The film was directed by Herbert Biberman, who was blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), and it was not shown for many years after its completion. Continue reading

  • Al Samter Obituary

  • Al Samter Remembrance Brochure

    Program from:


    Alfred “Al” J. Samter January 27, 1922 – January 12, 2003

    By His Family, Friends and Co-Workers

    Sunday February 9, 2003

    At USWA 1014 Union Hall Gary, Indiana Continue reading

  • Studs on Haymarket: “Those four guys were hanged for you!”

    Studs on Haymarket: “Those four guys were hanged for you!”

    Today we honor the 130th anniversary of the Haymarket Affair, an important moment in labor history and the origin event to May Day, or International Workers’ Day. This event celebrated annually around the world actually has its roots in Chicago. Starting May 1, 1886, labor unions across the United States began a general strike in support of the 8-hour workday. On May 3, police in Chicago shot into a crowd and killed several workers striking at the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company Plant. … Continue reading