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  • Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Nixon resigns, August 8, 1974

    Forty years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned as President of the United States. Millions tuned in to his televised address to see what Nixon had to say about his presidency and his reasons for resigning. What they didn’t see was the seven minutes of the television pool feed before Nixon went live. It’s a fascinating counterpoint to the gravity of the event and a unique look at Nixon’s mindset at this defining moment of his career. The video also includes … Continue reading

  • Essential election viewing: Brian Springer’s Spin (1995)

    Essential election viewing: Brian Springer’s Spin (1995)

    In the early ’90s, media artist Brian Springer learned that, with a home satellite dish, it was possible to pick up and record the raw satellite feeds created by the TV networks. These parallel feeds included the behind-the-scenes signals sent to the TV shows’ control rooms but not intended for broadcast, such as talk show sets during commercial breaks or people waiting to be patched in to an interview with a news anchor. Springer recorded these feeds throughout the 1992 … Continue reading

  • Media Burn by Ant Farm, 2003 edit

    Media Burn by Ant Farm, 2003 edit

    A recent edit (2003) of Ant Farm’s classic video art piece examining and satirizing the media, particularly the impact of television. On July 4, Independence Day, 1975, what a TV newscaster described as a “media circus” assembles at San Francisco’s Cow Palace Stadium. A pyramid of television sets are stacked, doused with kerosene, and set ablaze. Then a modified 1959 Cadillac El Dorado Biarritz, piloted by two drivers who are guided only by a video monitor between their bucket seats, smashes through the pyramid destroying the TV sets. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0017

    Image Union, episode 0017

    Image Union episode featuring “Too Late for Me” by William Alvelo. Continue reading

  • [Interview with Jerry Brown on the media and presidential campaigns]

    00:00 Jerry Brown discusses the problem of sound bites in politics. He talks about the problems of political exposure in a media who cares more about championing money-advocated candidates. “We’re getting increasingly empty images.” He talks about the need for greater participation on behalf of the people, and less reliance on media images. 18:10 End of tape.

  • The 90’s Next Election Special

    The 90’s Next Election Special

    The second of three election specials from the award winning series, The 90’s. This episode is called “THE CONVENTION” and features moments from the Democratic National Convention in New York and the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992. The producers tend to stay away from the regular news type footage and find the human interactions and the moments when the politicians are off their guard. Continue reading

  • [One man band – Jody Procter at Lincoln Savings – Skip media protest rough cut]

    0:00 Cedric Stokes, “the world’s greatest one man band” on Venice Beach sings a funk/disco song about the 90s while playing drums, bass, and a mean sax solo. On request from the crowd, he performs another song. 3:54 Shots of outside of “Lincoln Savings.” 4:18 Jody Procter walks onscreen and starts selling pencils and talking to the camera. He talks about the gold standard and the concept of national money while trying to sell pencils. 6:33 Procter talks about when … Continue reading

  • The 90’s, episode 110: Compilation

    The 90’s, episode 110: Compilation

    Episode 110 of the award-winning TV series The 90’s. This episode is called “COMPILATION” and features the following segments: Continue reading