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  • US99 #1

    US99 #1

    Skip Blumberg and Tom Weinberg visit the US 99 studio in Chicago to interview their program director and one of their DJs, Big John, for the TV show Radio Faces Continue reading

  • Phoebe Legere

    Raw footage shot for “The 90’s” following musician/artist Phoebe Legere backstage and onstage during one of her concerts at Chicago’s China Club. Features some good backstage footage of Phoebe, her backing band, and her entourage. While backstage, Phoebe speaks of her recent ventures into video art, and creati ng her own music videos. Other discussion topics include: Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, and the 1992 election. When onstage Phoebe performs several songs and plays the accordion. Continue reading

  • US99 #2

    US99 #2

    Continuation of a previous tape. Tom Weinberg and Skip Blumberg talk to Big John, a DJ for US 99 radio in Chicago, about his job. Continue reading

  • Sum And Substance: Jimmy Durante

    In this video Herman Harvey conducts an interview with the legendary actor, singer, composer Jimmy Durante. Durante is candid, insightful, and typically charming during the interview. Topics discussed include: the most important thing in a person’s life; the audience; helping other performers; Durante’s satisfaction with his life & career; Durante’s early childhood in New York; and changes in the entertainment industry – particularly changes in music with audiences embracing rock & roll. Quotes include: Continue reading

  • 94.7 Kicks Country #2

    94.7 Kicks Country #2

    Interview with Nancy Turner and Gregg Lindahl of 94.7 Kicks Country on the opening day of said station. These interviews were for the TV show Radio Faces and were conducted by Tom Weinberg. Continue reading

  • Anzanga Marimba And Dance Ensemble

    This tape is an episode of “This Town’s Talent”, a program that appears to be produced for a local PBS or cable-access station. This episode features The Anzanga Marimba and Dance Ensemble, a group that performs traditional and contemporary African music using mostly marimbas, a type of African xylophone. The group performs five or six songs, and then ends the show with a traditional African dance. While the music and dancing are good, the show is hampered by its low (i.e. cable-access-ish) production values. Continue reading