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  • Tom Joyner at Edna’s #2

    Tom Joyner at Edna’s #2

    Live radio broadcast of the new Tom Joyner Show on V-103. They are broadcasting from Edna’s, legendary soul food restaurant on the West Side of Chicago. Special guests on the show include Ramsey Lewis, George Wallace, and Herb Kent. Much of the tape is footage of the crowd at the restaurant before and after the broadcast, including two interviews with Herb Kent, “the Kool Gent.” Continue reading

  • Radio Faces #1

    Radio Faces #1

    A program following several Chicago radio personalities and examining the business of radio in Chicago. The program contains footage of the personalities at work (both on the air and off the air) and follows some of them during their time outside of work. Other people interviewed include various station managers and executives and Chicago radio critic, Robert Feder. Some personalities featured include: WGN ‘s Bob Collins, WGCI’s Tom Joyner, WBEZ’s Dick Buckley, WXRT’s Terry Hemmert, WLUP’s Steve Dahl, Garry Meier, Kevin Matthews, and Jonathon Brandmeier. Continue reading