[1987 Golden Apple awards for excellence in teaching]

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0:20 Series of teachers make brief statements.

0:45 Awards show. Marty Robinson introduces the program and introduces Martin J. Koldyke, the chairman of the board of trustees.

2:30 Koldyke speaks about the 3 R’s of teaching and improvements to teaching the Academy of Educators have been trying to make.

4:25 Robinson introduces the award winners and describes the way the winners were selected. Introduces first presenter, 1986 award winner, Sid Lieberman.

5:30 Lieberman speaks about award winner, Frank Raispis.

6:10 Footage of Raispis at school, St. Ignatius College Prep. in Chicago, where he teaches classics. He talks about his teaching philosophy and the influence teachers have on their students.

9:35 Raispis receives award and gives acceptance speech.

10:30 Robinson introduces next presenter, B. Kenneth West, CEO of Harris Bank.

10:50 West speaks about next award winner, Ruth Nickelson.

11:10 Footage of Nickelson at school, Maine West in Des Plaines. She talks about how to tell the difference between quiet thinking and students who are lost.

14:10 Nickelson receives award and gives acceptance speech.

15:25 Robinson introduces next presenter, Joseph Cardinal Bernadin, Archbishop of Chicago.

15:40 Bernadin’s recorded speech about Dr. Nguyen-Trung Hieu.

16:10 Footage of Hieu at school, Clemente Academy in Chicago, where he teaches American History for Vietnamese students.

19:55 Hieu receives award and gives acceptance speech.

21:35 Robinson shows clip from “Amaracord” by Frederico Fellini.

23:05 Robinson introduces next presenter, Dr. Nelvia M. Brady of the Chicago Community Trust.

23:35 Brady introduces next winner, Hanna Goldschmidt.

24:00 Footage of Goldschmidt at her school, the University of Chicago Laboratory School, where she teaches math.

26:30 Goldschmidt receives award and gives acceptance speech.

27:20 Robinson introduces next presenter, Dr. Manford Byrd, Jr., Superintendent of Chicago Schools.

27:40 Byrd introduces next winner, Frank Tobin.

28:15 Footage of Tobin at Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center School.

32:05 Tobin receives award and gives acceptance speech.

33:10 Robinson introduces next presenter, Dr. Adrienne Bailey.

33:25 Bailey introduces next winner, Shirley Redmond.

33:50 Footage of Redmond at Oak Park-River Forest High School in Oak Park, where she teaches modified physical education for special education students.

36:35 Redmond receives award and gives acceptance speech.

37:25 Robinson introduces next presenter, Mike Ditka, coach of the Chicago Bears.

37:45 Recorded speech by Ditka introduces next winner, Dominic Belmonte.

38:10 Footage of Belmonte at York Community High School in Elmhurst, where he teaches English.

41:10 Belmonte receives award and give acceptance speech.

42:10 Robinson introduces Walter Sherrill, 1986 award winner, who speaks about teaching. Robinson then introduces next presenter, Arnold Weber.

43:30 Weber introduces next winner, Scott Iliff.

44:00 Footage of Iliff at Glenbard South High School in Glen Ellyn, where he teaches science.

47:00 Iliff receives award and gives acceptance speech.

48:05 Robinson introduces next presenter, Susan Crown, President of the Arie and Ida Crown Memorial.

48:25 Crown introduces next winner, Margaret O’Hara Cain.

48:35 Footage of O’Hara Cain at Nazareth Academy in LaGrange Park, where she teaches literature.

51:20 O’Hara Cain receives award and gives acceptance speech.

52:00 Robinson introduces next presenter, President of WTTW, William J. McCarter.

57:20 McCarter introduces next winner, William Wilson.

52:50 Footage of Wilson at Hubbard High School, where he teaches music.

56:00 Wilson receives award and gives acceptance speech.


7:05 Robinson congratulates all the winners and announces that the next year’s awards will be given to middle school teachers.

57:50 Recap of acceptance speeches while credits run.

59:10 End of tape



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