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This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 "Americans (mer-kins)" by Chris Mullington (1988)

1:15 “When you kiss me, it feels like…” A couple kiss with tongues in a park. Looks like early black and white video.

1:36 “Clara” A woman talks about beginning to raise children after her husband passes away. She says she’d rather give to her kids than to another man from the street.

3:00 “Born to Be Wild” A couple drive down the highway on a motorcycle.

3:27 “Elvis Lives” Impressionistic piece featuring weird digital imagery of Elvis. A music video about Elvis still being alive.

7:13 “Ghost Dance” A young kid recites the lyrics to “Livin’ On A Prayer,” over footage of Indian lands and Indian Ghost Dance footage.

9:25 “Motivation” Shots of a graveyard and religious-oriented roadside signs.

10:00 “The Greatest Car Ever Made” A musical ode to the Studebaker.

12:37 “The Long Arm of the Law” A guard at a national landmark makes the cameraman turn off his camera.

13:00 “Vegas” An old man talks about the greatness of Vegas over shots of seemy sides of the city. Some narration about God defeating Satan on Earth.

15:38 “Cowboys” A cowboy tackles a bull at the rodeo.

15:58 “Indians” Indians herd cattle along in slow-motion.

16:33 “Hollywood Girls” A musical segment sung by a transvestite in a talking-fashion, focusing on Hollywood social situations.

18:47 “Miss Bunny’s Routine” A terrifyingly skinny transvestite lip-synchs for the audience.

19:46 “H20” Slow shots of the flag and people on a beach. End credits.

21:49 “Cheerful Impressions Upon Arrival In the Countryside” by Phil Patiris (1991) A montage of ecological disasters associated with man-made pollution, especially the Exon-Valdez oil disaster.

27:09 “Not a Jealous Bone” by Cecilia Condit (1987). A short funny song and story about aging. A story about Sophie, who finds a bone which will allow her to live forever. This thing is really not very fun to watch at all.

37:25 “Continental Drift” by Jill Scott (1991). Impressionistic video-art piece about breast cancer and dying. Some visual graphics about changing your own DNA structure. The character eventually gets well and then, “orders a large dose of life for herself. For everyone!” A final world on the tape implies that it is intended to be used to give cancer patients hope.

49:13 “Yes Means Yes, No Means No” by Carol Leigh and Dee Russell. A short piece about a romantic night turned sour when the man tries to take advantage of his date.

57:00 End of tape.



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