[Barney Frank/Eating in Israel/Maxi chances cooking]

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00:00 Shots of sky during the day.

00:37 Barney Frank talks about coming out as homosexual in 1987. He talks about the risks involved in being a homosexual politician and the obligation to be truthful.

06:20 Barney Frank talks about the two-party system. He says that party discipline isn’t as important in the United States as in other countries, which counteracts the negative characteristics of the closed system.

08:23 Barney talks about cutbacks to military spending. He talks about ways to use the money saved by military spending cutbacks. He talks about the need for more services for the elderly.

16:20 Barney Frank talks about gun control goals.

18:50 Frank talks about rotating members of committies in Congress. He talks about wishing voter participation was higher.

21:53 Man says “I am the most frightened person in the world.” He talks about the connections between memory and risk. He does a monologue about the tyrrany of the past.

27:10 Shots above character’s head.

28:05 Man sings humorous song about taking risk.

30:30 Shots of Las Vegas.

33:00 People in Las Vegas talk about risks.

33:44 A kid, Maxi, says risk is “Testing your courage…” testing yourself mentally and physically.

36:35 A younger child talks about taking risks when travelling to Israel and climbing Mount Sinai. Maxi talks about the need for better programs to help criminals and drug addicts rehabilitate. Other people talk about risk.

41:17 Shots of Israel. People stand at the Wailing Wall. Shots of a family preparing dinner at home. The mother of the house cooks “stuffed colon”, a delicacy.

1:02:20 End of tape.



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