Ben Loves Chicago 9712

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Color bars. Episode information screen. 

0:39 Ben Loves Chicago opening. 

1:20 Ben watched the Loveabulls dance squad for the Chicago Bulls. He talks to the director and choreographer. He talks to some of the dancers about their other jobs and why they like dancing. Some footage of them dancing. He walks through their locker room. 

4:53 Ben visits the Tropicana, a boxing club for men and women. Footage of people fighting. Ben talks to some of the people that work at Tropicana, some of the boxers, and some of the spectators. 

8:15 Cut to black. 

9:15 Back at the Tropicana, Ben watches a fight between two women. 

11:25 Ben does an Instant Talk Show segment at the Lincoln Park Zoo. He talks to families visiting the zoo, and asks them about their heritages. He then asks people how they are like or unlike great apes. 

14:52 Cut to black.

15:52 Ben visits the Party Mac basketball team. He talks to the players and about the basketball program. The owner says the program raises money for schools and motivates kids to stay in school. Ben plays with them. 

18:50 Ben visits an exotic dance club called What’s Poppin’ that features different dancers each night. Beyond watching the dancers, there is a club section for the public to dance together. Footage of the dancers. Ben dances a bit. 

22:24 Cut to black. 

23:24 Ben returns to the Loveabulls locker room and talks to the dancers. They talk about some of the places they tour. 

25:26 P.O. Box. Ben closes the show. Credits.

26:21 Video ends.

29:01 Tape ends. 



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