Ben Loves Chicago 9814

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:29 Color Bars. Episode information screen. 

1:58 Ben Loves Chicago introduction sequence. 

2:38 Ben visits a wrestling gym that trains amateur wrestlers to be able to perform at a professional (WWF) level. Ben talks to some of the people training, the trainers, and then gets in the ring himself with the persona of the Love Lizard. 

6:26 Ben visits the marriage court. He speaks to some couples that are here to get married about why they want to get married at the court instead of during a ceremony. He talks to the judge and the administrative employee. 

10:42 Cut to black. 

11:42 Ben visits a hair salon on the South Side. he talks to the owner, and to various customers. 

15:58 Ben does an Instant Talk Show segment at Planet Hollywood. He talks to people there about their jobs and why they’re at Planet Hollywood. He interrupts a couple birthday parties.

20:02 Cut to black.

21:02 Ben visits the Chicago Dollhouse, an  exotic dance club near O’Hare. He talks to the manager, a DJ, and some of the dancers. They explain what sets their club apart.

25:29 Cut to black.

26:29 P.O. box and phone number. Ben closes the show. Credits.

27:48 Tape ends. 



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