Blues And More

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Blues man Pervis Spann hosts his absurdist comedy show, which also features music videos from blues and R&B artists.

0:00 Black, bars and tone, black.

0:57 Showcase Chicago Channel 25 logo.

1:17 Commercial for TCI Cable.

2:18 Ad for Give Five.

2:49 Ad for Second City, 1616 N Wells.

3:21 Chicago Blues – Blues and More.

3:44 Pervis Spann introduces show and guests – Richard Stamz and Carl Wright. Stamz was a pioneer in Black radio and television. (He was on radio station WGES). Wright is playing a reverend this week. Stamz claims he got his hat in 1937 from Bugs Moran, a gangster and that it is made of pressed and bleached fur instead of felt.

9:20 Music video for song by Robert Cray Band called “Smokin Gun”. Includes footage from San Francisco Music Festival 1982, the “Strong Persuader” sessions, and The Rainbow Club in Seattle 1985.

13:08 Spann talks about the previous video.

14:16 Sportsman’s Inn 4501 S. Cicero.

14:48 Ad for Collins Bros Exterminators and Hubcap Flea Market at 64th Street and Martin Luther King Drive.

15:25 Ad for Bo Diddley’s Bar-BQ at 530 E. 61st Street.

15:51 Ad for Steel City Ford at 3333 Grand Street in Gary, Indiana.

16:22 Ad for Nancy’s Space Age Pizza at 8131 S. Ashland.

16:53 Spann talks about Stamz and WGES. Also about Roy’s canned Chitterlings, which Spann claims are a delicacy. They claim that Roy’s was the largest store chain in Chicago at the time, bigger than Jewel or Dominick’s.

21:30 Music video for song by Al Green called “Leave The Guns At Home.” Cheesy – has people from all over the world saddened by gun violence and eventually reconciling and building a new future.

24:54 Spann talks about Al Green.

25:50 Ad for The Ritz Hotel at 312 N Central – only $17 per room.

26:23 Ad for Marios’ Butcher Shop and Food Center at 5817 W. Madison.

27:25 LaTees Beauty Shop at 1571 Sibley Blvd. In Calumet Park.

28:00 Ad for Jimmie’s Record Store at 1615 W. 87th Street.

28:20 Spann returns to ask Stamz aobut lovemaking at an old age (Stamz is 88). Stamz says when he quits his life will be over. Spann asks Stamz if he has ever had sex with a fat woman, and Stamz says he has to check his files to know.

36:12 Ad for Adele, psychic.

36:42 Sportsman’s Inn 4501 S. Cicero.

37:10 Ad for Big “O” Movers and Storage.

37:43 Ad for Hopkins Foods at 7535 S. State Street.

38:15 Pervis returns to the topic of sex with fat women. Wright tells a joke about Stamz having sex with a 22 year old girl.

41:42 Music video for song by Tony Terry called “With You.” This video is very 90s. Singing and synthesizers.

45:32 Spann says that Terry reminds him of a singer. Stamz talks about the Cotton Field Blues and about cotton pickers. He also talks about traveling with a minstrel show. He says he started out playing the ukelele and then the banjo.

49:34 Ad for Nancy’s Space Age Pizza at 8131 S. Ashland.

50:07 Ad for La’ Pel Store For Men at 8623 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

51:06 Spann says that Stamz represents the origins of show business in America. Stamz talks about stars of the minstrel shows, including Bessie Smith, who was injured and was refused by a hospital because she was Black. She bled to death in front of the hospital. Wright talks about early Black traveling shows. His favorite show was called Harlem in Havana, which later became the Harlem Revue. Wright eventually traveled with that show. They talk about tap dancing, which was called buck dancing in Stamz’s day. They say that now people in show business make a lot of money, but that when they were young, they didn’t make any money in show business.

58:00 Credits.

58:58 Ad for TCI cable.

59:58 Ad for the Hop Shop, a program on Channel 25.

1:00:32 Repeat of the first TCI ad.

1:01:00 End of tape.



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