Elephant Parts

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Slate.

0:08 Opening for Elephant Parts with Michael Nesmith. Nesmith plays guitar and sings song while monster destroys city.

1:13 Nesmith on studio set says this is his first video record instead of audio record, and then starts talking about gasoline prices and waiting in line to get gas.

2:37 Nesmith doing fake ad for Marines as a homosexual. Then someone offscreen says “cut” and we learn that it apparently was a tryout.

3:20 Music segment at drive in diner.

7:07 Fake ad for store called Art Remnants that sells famous artwork at great discounts.

7:44 We are learning the pirate alphabet. People speak in a fake language.

9:30 Fake commercial with teen asking if your parents forget to take their drugs. Elvis drugs, they are easy to remember to take, and shaped like guitars and blue suede shoes.

10:40 Segment with crooner and piano player performing on stage. Singer can ‘ t remember any of the words after “You Must Remember This.”

11:25 Fake 8mm footage of flying record.

11:47 Fake music video with rollerskates and slick guy in Hollywood. Giant guy walking around in speedo.

15:36 More pirates alphabet.

15:45 Couple spends three week honeymoon in a dryer.

15:57 Rock ‘n Roll Hospital. Man has Beegee’s disease. He can’t stop making weird noises. Another man has a 50s fit.

18:56 Commercial for product to help people who hate their neighbors – Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority.

20:32 Commercial for Detroit car company that ensures poor cars.

22:11 Documentary about hunter of exotic animals. Turns out he is hunting in a grocery store.

24:10 Crooner is back and keeps laughing instead of singing.

24:50 Black and white noir spoof.

27:36 Ad for record that chops vegetables.

28:07 Real Mexican cowboy eats in American Mexican restaruant.

29:28 Pirate Alphabet.

29:31 Game show called Name That Drug.

34:48 Skit about flying lessons.

36:05 Music video.

38:45 Pirate Alphabet.

39:33 Who Wants to Know? Talk show with a battered wife. Pun. She’s covered with batter.

40:33 Skit with hundreds of people sharing a one room apartment. Show called Abject Poverty.

41:25 Man and woman on date at Mexican restaurant. Man humorously mistranslates song in Spanish.

43:19 King says he launched Europe into the Dark Ages just to make a point.

43:31 Trailer for movie called “Have a Nice Day.” Trailer spoofs famous movies like Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

44:35 Clandestine Typing Service. Woman pretends they don’t do typing there.

45:52 Music video that is a Jimmy Buffet spoof.

51:53 Cowboy is injured and explodes.

52:18 Two sleazy people in a bar. They travel around going to conventions. He reverses parts of his words. He tells bad joke and lights the woman’s hair on fire.

54:36 Pirate Alphabet.

54:43 Singer back and starts song, but people keep knocking stuff over because he had them turn the lights off.

55:24 Music with clips from throughout the show.

59:07 Credits.

1:01:05 End of tape.



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