[Hour of Weinberg’s Tapes for the Museum of Broadcast Communications]

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0:00 Bars and tone.

0:45 The 90’s titles. “…an exciting new national TV series. It’s people, places, and ideas from all over the world.”

1:27 People in China marching for death of member of Chinese National Committee. People gather in Tiananmen Square.

1:50 Footage of a Greepeace operation to stop Trident 2 missile.

2:05 Clip from Flying Morning Glory (on fire) by Skip Blumberg.

2:32 Clip of man calling the dawn of the ’90s a “pathetic historical moment.”

2:50 Man reads poetry in Skid Row, Los Angeles.

3:33 Clip from The Yuppie Rap.

4:24 Erika Becker talks to her father about her “Several Policy” [Cerebral Palsy]. She explains what the disease does and how it made her feel. “What’s the worst part of having a handicap?”  “I think being made fun of. That really hurts.” “Inside, even grownups treat me differently… but that’s because I’m different.” By Eddie Becker.

5:12 Man on street talks to some people on the streets of Washington DC complaining about drugs, hunger, housing conditions, and how they contribute to hostility. He says drugs play a part, but social conditions are a bigger problem.

5:55 A police officer tells a cameraman he’ll be the first to get beaten.

6:10 Nixon Resignation. White House pool feed of Nixon before his resignation broadcast on August 8, 1974. Nixon jokes with the photographers and reporters: “My friend Ollie is always taking pictures. I’m afraid he’ll catch me picking my nose… You wouldn’t print that, now would you, Ollie?”

6:40 Clip of flowers budding to music.

6:56 “Wagon Ho” Rap.

7:13 Commercial for modern art.

7:20 “Ike for President” commercial.

7:30 Music video for “Life Is Life” by Laibach.

8:04 Clip from “Four More Years” under narration describing TVTV’s birth. Clips of Nixon supporters complaining about press in bus, leader of the Nixonettes, clip of Nixon accepting nomination, and clip of Vietnam Veterans Against the War protesting in the back of the convention, Kissinger and kid clapping, and people popping balloons.

10:44 Clip from “Golden Gloves” by Scott Jacobs and Tom Weinberg. James Blevins introduces himself and talks about why he fights. Blevins wins the fight. (Some audio problems.) Blevins expresses discontent at shining shoes all day when he just wants to fight. He says, ” I’m a celebrity now. And I’m not worried about my boss.”  “That’s when you get into trouble,” reminds Weinberg.  Blevins is adamant: “I’m gonna make it.”

15:15 Clip from “Adland.”  George Lois, chairman, Lois, Holland, Callaway, New York, explains the power that comes from commercial production – “Poom! It’s like poison gas..Poom! That’s sensational. Oh yeah, that’s great.” There are a lot of video problems in this clip.

15:45 Hudson Marquez feeds a camel cigarette to a camel. “TV is a cannibalistic medium.”

16:35 Tom Weinberg introduces clip from “Media Burn” from the seats of Comiskey Park.

17:10 Clip from Media Burn, as Phanton Dreamcar drives through TV sets. Video is a little shaky during this segment.

18:56 Clip from “The Five Day Bicycle Race” from the 1976 Democratic Convention in New York City. A couple sings for the camera while Uncle Sam dances with someone.

19:35 Jesse Jackson talks about black representation on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. He says that the number of black voters has increased, which makes up for the lack of delegational representation. He says, “I’m bigger than racism. I’m free of having to react to people.”

20:40 Videomaker talks to the Borough President of Long Island at a bar about his disinterest in the Convention.

21:24 Clip from “The Overnight Man.” Joe Cummings interviews a firefighter.

21:43 Joe Cummings says his career has been like a Damon Runyon story, moving up from blue collar work to the radio.

22:17 Cummings interviews a young man about the fire.

22:35 Cummings calls in a report about a man who died in the subway.

24:15 Cummings does a report about news from Egypt, mispronouncing a name. Funny, great segment. Cummings says, “I need bubblegum.”

25:43 Clip from “Inside Spring Training” as the White Sox warm up for the season in Sarasota, Florida.

26:37 Bill Veeck makes business arrangements over the phone. He plans to have the players practice in Havana for a day or two, then Puerto Rico. Veeck says, “Copenhagen is good also, you know?”

27:49 Clip from “Vito.”  Alderman Vito Marzullo shows the videomakers his back yard.

29:00 Marzullo talks about his involvement in local politics: “Do I look like a natural dumb?” Milton Rakove describes Marzullo liking his position because he can “help his friends and screw his enemies.”

29:33 Marzullo tells a joke to someone on the floor at City Hall.

29:45 Marzullo and his wife talk about falling in love, jokingly.

29:58 Marzullo deals with people in his office, very Godfather-like; he sends one young man away saying they can’t understand each other.

30:07 Marzullo says he told him if he doesn’t like it here, to go back to Mexico.

30:55 A man talks about how graft is no good. Marzullo says the young generation are bums, and TV is no good, and that’s the problem!

31:44 Clip from “Image Union No. 1” Bob drives around the city.

32:35 “TV Magic Ballots” by Nate Herman and Warren Leming. Political spoof of Chicago-style elections. All magic ballot votes will be counted as Democratic votes. “So simple even an alderman can use them.” All votes come out Democratic!

33:43 Richard J. Daley speaks. “I am proud to say I am a Democrat.”

34:00 Clip from “Assassins,”  a silent film featuring Joe Mantegna.

35:48 Clip from “Rostenkowski.”  Rostenkowski talks about the pride he gets out of representing his ward.

36:29 Rostenkowski talks about working with Daley. He talks about his family’s origins near Pulaski Park, loving the midwest.

37:37 Clip from “Wired In.”  Bill Murray introduces show.

37:58 Lily Tomlin clip from “Wired In” about being a Pac-Man freak.

38:45 Kids play video games in an arcade. The owner says that it’s only the beginning of computers, and that “it’s a sport, in a lot of ways.”

39:12 Jamie (Jay) Fenton, Video Game Designer, talks about making video games while creating her own sound effects.

39:45 A mother says that she understands the appeal of video games, because it just happens to be where kids hang out.

40:20 A hairdresser says video games are “Like Las Vegas… It’s Stimulating.”

40:30 Lily Tomlin. “Remember, it all starts with a harmless quarter. But it can turn to tragedy (snap!) just like that.”

40:59 Excerpt from “Ambassadors of Cabrini ” by Lilly Ollinger. Documentary about the Jesse White Tumblers, a gymnastic group made up predominantly of kids from the Chicago Housing Authority’s Cabrini Green. In this clip, we watch the Tumblers perform in the hallways of Cabrini and hear them talk about disadvantages they have suffered growing up in the projects. “We can do the stuff that [the white kids] do. They can do it a little bit better because they have more money.”

43:14 Clip from “This is a Test” at the Rolling Stones concert in Philadelphia.

43:59 A cab driver says that when the Stones come into town, they give people “the fever” and “turn them on” because they don’t get enough music.

44:32 The Rolling Stones take the stage, microscopic in the distance. They launch into “Under My Thumb.”

45:07 Another cab driver talks about driving Hugh Masekela, Gene Pitney, and Kiss through the city.

45:30 More clips of the Stones playing.

45:53 Cab driver talks about driving Mick Jagger to Chinatown and being left a dollar tip. The cab driver lists people who tip well. He says David Suskind does, but Aretha Franklin does not. The cab driver says that Paul Anka was the biggest tipper.

47:35 Clip from “Veeck: A Man For Any Season.”  Biographical narration by Mary Frances Veeck about her husband’s life.

49:53 Clip from “The Bozo 25th Anniversary Special.” Introduction of characters.

51:13 “Bozo Moments” segment, many people getting hit with pies.

52:23 Clip from Richard J. Daley memorial show. John Callaway reports Mayor Daley’s death, and a narrator gives a short biographical sum-up. Daley talks about stopping “the spread of blight” from slums into other areas. “What Daley did best was to keep people together.” People on the streets give mixed reviews of Daley’s carreer.

56:30 Daley talks down an alderman having an argument with him about something. “Daley was careful about when to have fights.”

57:09 Clip from “Radio Faces” of radio host Bob Collins doing his show early in the morning.

58:47 Clips of many DJs talking to the cameras including Terri Hemmert, Steve & Gary, and Jonathan Brandmeier.

59:38 Clip of “Blue Moon.” Weinbergs kids tape the Blue Moon, talking about how beautiful it shines over the farmland. Weinberg’s son says “It’s a good sign for the decade.”

1:02:07 End of tape.



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