[Howard Zinn raw #16]

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Howard Zinn attends an Awards Dinner for the Eugene V. Debs Foundation held at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana.

0:04 Attendees and Howard Zinn converse and mingle before the event commences.

0:47 Inside the event space, attendees sit at tables as the film crew attempts to get the microphone operational.

3:10 Howard Zinn speaks with attendees, takes his seat.

3:55 Noel Beasley of the Eugene V. Debs Foundation talks about the recent election and how people are more concerned with policy than candidates.

5:25 Event attendees stand to recite the Debs Credo: “While there is a lower class, I am in it; and while there is a criminal element, I am of it; and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.”

6:55 Jim Jenkins, the mayor of Terre Haute, Indiana takes the podium. He talks about the importance of labor in the history and politics of Terre Haute.

8:57 Beasley speaks about the generosity of Indiana State University in supporting efforts to preserve the legacy of Eugene Debs. He introduces a professor at Indiana State University

9:43 The professor talks about the close ties between Indiana State and Eugene V. Debs Foundation and praises the scholarly work being done by ISU faculty on Debs’s papers.

12:30 Beasley introduces the president of the Wabash Valley Central Labor Council. The Labor Council president talks about the Labor Council’s electoral efforts. He talks about efforts to preserve health care benefits for union members. He thanks the Central Labor Council members for their hard work and dedication and speaks about efforts to continue to build the labor movement.

20:26 Beasley introduces Foundation secretary Charles King. He makes a plug for the Debs memorabilia available for sale at the dinner, including Debs’s biography, replicas of a 1920 campaign poster, calendars, and frisbees. He introduces Foundation president Jack Schaffer.

27:20 Jack Schaffer welcomes the attendees to the dinner. He speaks on the need for economic growth and to invest in education, instrastructure, and environmental protection. He says that with the budget balanced, we need to use the nation’s wealth and resources to regenerate society. He talks about the recent successes of local labor activity and the increased support for the Eugene V. Debs foundation by local labor unions. Schaffer awards Noel Beasley with the Theodore Debs Distinguished Service Award.

35:12 Beasley gives thanks to his union for bringing their resources to the Eugene V. Debs Foundation. He acknowledges the Midwest Regional Joint Board of UNITE for their support of the Foundation.

42:10 Charles King introduces a women’s barbershop quartet, Double Take. King acknowledges his son Timothy, who is serving as photographer for the event. The four women arrive at the front of the room.

44:41 The quartet sings “Ten Feet Off The Ground” by Louis Armstrong.



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