[Howard Zinn raw #49]

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Howard Zinn speaks at Amherst College on "The Myth of the Cold War" and responds to audience questions.

0:01 Howard Zinn continues speaking on the topic of the motives beyond anti-communism, democracy, and humanitarianism for U.S. military intervention throughout the 20th century.

4:19 Zinn tells a story about through reading through the Gulf War issues of Time and Newsweek and being unable to find any information on Iraqi casualties.

5:58 Zinn describes the current state of U.S. military installations and projects around the globe. “If you look behind this, you’ll find economics.”

8:45 Zinn explains the need for a social movement to shift away from the status quo of violence and imperialism. “Voting has never been an important way of changing things in American society.” He explains the importance of developing social movements rather than simply voting.

12:15 Zinn closes his speech with a poem by Daniel Berrigan.

14:35 An audience member makes an announcement about meeting for Global Action Network around planning the movement.

15:52 An audience member asks Zinn his thoughts on U.S. involvement in Colombia. Zinn says the United States is supporting the Colombia government against a guerilla movement.

17:45 An audience member asks Zinn how he would respond to people who say that communist regimes run the risk of inciting human rights violations. Zinn responds by saying that we can’t use military solutions to deal with humanitarian atrocities committed by governments in power.

20:18 An audience member asks Zinn about Ecuador. Zinn responds by saying that he has no idea.

21:03 An audience member asks Zinn his opinion of Ralph Nader. Zinn replies, “I like Nader, I admire him, I’m voting for him.” He encourages audience members to vote for Nader, especially if they live in a place like Massachusetts.

23:32 An audience member asks Zinn to comment on the situation in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Zinn gives an overview of the history of American military activity in Puerto Rico.

26:49 An audience member asks Zinn about his play. He tells the audience about his play, “Marx in Soho.”

29:05 An audience member asks Zinn about Mark Twain and the Anti-Imperialist League. Zinn gives a brief history of American resistance to the Spanish-American War.

32:09 An audience member asks Zinn his views on Pat Buchanan. Zinn talks about the hypocrisy of the religious right.

34:23 An audience member asks Zinn why Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex wasn’t taken seriously. Zinn explains that we shouldn’t take Eisenhower at his word.

36:32 An audience member asks Zinn about the shift from the Cold War to the War on Drugs and prison expansion. Zinn talks about mass incarceration.

39:55 An audience member asks Zinn about non-violence.

40:33 After his talk, Zinn signs books and meets with audience members.



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