[Howard Zinn raw #56]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Howard Zinn gives a talk at Harvard University.

Continuation of tape #19554.

0:03 Tape opens on Howard Zinn addressing a group of students. He answers a question about archiving. He finishes speaking, and they applaud him. The student organizer addresses the group, and thanks them for coming. 

2:50 Students stop to talk to each other, leave the classroom, or to go up to Zinn to ask questions or for an autograph. It sometimes difficult to hear what the students ask, or how Zinn responds over the noise of the crowd around him. They ask about his book, his political views, and for him to sign their books or shirts. 

20:20 A girl thanks him for the influence his book has had on her education. A student asks about the problem of the “disappearing past.”

23:35 He says that he needs to leave, and signs a last few autographs. 

24:25 Cut to Zinn and the crew walking back to his car after the talk. It’s dark outside, and there is not much visibility. They talk about Studs Terkel on the walk. 

29:40 They reach the car and start to drive Zinn home. He directs them. They talk about editing and working with video while they drive. They talk about this lives of the videographers a bit. The car is almost completely dark most of the time. 

49:35 They arrive at his house, and they make plans to pick him up the next day. 

50:54 Cut to a shot of the Boston Playwright’s Theatre. Videographers can be heard talking behind the camera. Different angles and shots of the building and the street. 

57:25 Footage from inside the car as they drive down the street. It’s raining. They talk about filming while they drive. 

1:05:25 Video ends. 

1:05:32 Tape ends. 



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