Computer Whiz Kid #2

The tape features a demo for the television show "Wired In." While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. In this video, we watch as a tech-minded teenager continues to demo an electronic mail system for the crew.

00:00Copy video clip URL This video begins with a black screen.

00:04Copy video clip URL Whiz kid returning the message he received from “Rowena of Saxony.” He excitedly puts together his response. He then reads it aloudĀ  for the filmmakers.

03:33Copy video clip URL One of the filmmakers asks him to explain how he communicates with people electronically. He splits up system communication into 2 different types. He states that he speaks with actual friends that he has met outside of the computer world and people he has met through the MagFan system. Heller goes on to talk about electronic communication in more detail. “When someone you don’t know writes to you, sometimes you forgot that it’s another human being writing to you. It’s not the computer.” He goes onto talk about some of the electronic dating bulletin boards Compumatch and Datamate. He then takes a short break to go and blow his nose.

08:45Copy video clip URL He calls a friend to tell him to connect with him. He and a friend call each other via computer modem and hold a conversation. This lasts for several minutes.

15:11Copy video clip URL He talks about his having a conversation with a friend through computer electronic means. He continues to hold a conversation with his friend and eventually reads aloud a few paragraphs. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

22:05Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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