Just For Laughs

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Tape of a stand-up comedy performance at the Laff Stop by Gabe Kaplan.

0:00 Opening credits. Shots of the audience.

0:45 Audence members explain why they came to the show.

1:25 Kaplan takes stage. He makes jokes about New York City. He talks about being on the Johnny Carson show and the Dating Game.

4:55 Kaplan makes jokes about dating.

8:15 Makes jokes about calling “information” for telephone numbers and then answering machines.

9:50 Makes jokes about his family.

12:35 Does his rendition of certain celebrities’ answering machines.

14:54 Talks about making crank calls as a child.

15:30 Makes jokes about his family.

16:20 Talks about television shows that he watched as a child. He parodies the plot of a typical ” Kung-Fu ” episode.

21:30 Makes jokes about Judaism and general racism.

24:00 Talks about celebrities doing commercials.

27:50 Talks about the show “Welcome Back Kotter” , a bully from his school named Epstein, a nerd named Horshack, and other people from his childhood school.

35:40 Makes jokes about masturbating in outerspace.

36:20 Talks about pornographic magazines, masturbation, and the differences between men and women.

37:35 Imitates the way Rodney Dangerfield would tell a masturbation joke.

38:10 Talks about buying embarrassing things at the drugstore and a childh ood misunderstanding about the function of feminine napkins.

47:47 Asks audience for requests for him to relate the jokes from “Welcome Back Kotter” . Tells a joke about a cheap parrot that could only say one phrase, a used car, and a motel room.

51:40 Talks about being part of the first television generation. He recalls watching Ed Sullivan as a child. He then does an imtiation of Ed Sullivan on his last show.

57:50 End credits.

58:45 End of tape.



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