Night Owl Show

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Channel 6 Woodstock TV Promo.

0:15 Frank Perino talks about plight of blind people.

0:40 Title: “The Night Owl Show”

1:00 Perino talks about the death of his seeing-eye dog and his difficulties getting a new dog from an organization for the blind.

3:10 Perino discusses what needs to be done to help the blind in America. He discusses his activities as a musician – singing on the subway in New York. He talks about how his life has been harder since he lost his dog.

9:10 Perino sings a song while camera shoots the sky.

10:05 Footage of Perino walking down a street.

10:25 William Ames. He talks about how he teaches music composition. He thinks people are unknowingly addicted to the musical structure of classical composers and that this limits their ability to understand modern music.

13:10 We hear music playing, presumably an example of the modern music that Ames finds interesting and neglected. Video is of Ames sleeping in a chair.

14:00 Ames playing the piano and discussing elements of music theory in the songs he plays. He talks about his musical influences.

17:25 Ames walking down the street to his house while one of his own compositions plays.

19:15 Shots of ocean with woman singing about speaking out against the “nuclear authority¬Ě.” Karen Silkwood Interlude by Julie Haines.

22:30 Theresa Marta Costa speaks from behind broken windshield. She welcomes us to Frank Anderson’s Paradise. (It is a junkyard.) She shows us the junk. She recites poetry.

25:05 Night Owl song with shots of the interviewees and title credits.

26:15 Channel 6 End Credits.

26:25 National Anthem played very badly by guy with a saxophone.

27:45 End of Tape.



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