[Ray Blanton]

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1:16 Camera opens on former governor  of Tennessee Ray Blanton and Dan Miller preparing for an interview after Blanton has served jail time for illegally selling liquor licenses. They talk about the terms of the interview. Miller asks Blanton about his health. He mentions a few health problems. They talk about how he has readjusted to civilian life after the controversy, and about the talks he has been giving on the radio. He speaks about his family and problems that they had after the controversy. They speak about what he would have done differently. 

9:43 Miller asks him if he understands the perspective of the media after some time. He says that he has more empathy, but that they still spread false ideas. They talk about his new employment. They talk about his financials. Miller asks if he has an alcohol problem, and he says no. They continue to talk about the specifics of the financial controversy. 

16:55 Miller asks how he was treated in prison. Blanton talks about teaching other inmates and interactions with the guards. He says that he is determined to clear his name. He explains why he did not speak to the press until now. He talks about misconceptions the public has about why he went to jail. They discuss the circumstances of his conviction, and his frustrations with the court systems.

30:45 They talk about the practice of patronage. Blanton speaks about the tradition. Miller asks about a different controversy that occurred while he was governor that he was not charged for. He expresses his disappointment in those involved. They talk about a parole controversy. Miller brings up several books written about the controversy. 

46:30 Miller asks about Blanton’s son’s conviction for fraud. Blanton speaks about people that continued to support him through the controversy. Miller asks him about his regrets. Blanton says that he would have run for a second term. Miller asks if he thinks he will return to office. Blanton says that he is not planning on it, but that he would consider it if the opportunity arose. Miller asks him to make some final remarks. Interview ends. 

54:07 Tape ends.



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