[Robert Sandifer murder case #4]

0:00 Continuation of Donahue program. After the program ends, there is a story about Sandifer on the news. The story focuses on a shelter for abused children on Montrose Avenue called Maryville Academy where Sandifer had lived for a period of time.

13:00Copy video clip URL We see the media crowd gathered outside the Sandifer home, shooting an aunt of Sandifer’s.

24:20Copy video clip URL Sandifer’s grandmother leads a crowd in a candlelight vigil outside the house. Afterwards, a minister gives a sermon. Following that, the people gathered sing “We Shall Overcome.”

40:17Copy video clip URL Jones gets an interview with Sandifer’s mother after the vigil.

49:18Copy video clip URL Choir practice in a Baptist church.

57:35Copy video clip URL Jones talks to us on-camera from 107th and Wentworth about his reasons for shooting the story.



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