Scanning Television, videos 37-51

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This program is called "The Global Citizen."

37) Branding (5:48). Branding and media expert Jack Myers discusses the financial clout of the youth audience, the changing shape of advertising, and the emergence of branding as the ultimate marketing exercise.

38) Radical Transmission Syndicate: News Unlimited (5:52). Radical Transmission Syndicate’s independent reports provide opinions rarely explored on mainstream media, including stories critical of logging, nuclear industries, and the domination of cities by cars.

39) The Kennedy-Nixon Debate (3:01). In the first-ever televised American presidential debate, Nixon did not shave or wear makeup – Kennedy had a great tan. The rest, as they say, is history.

40) The Zapruder Film of the Kennedy Assassination (3:12). A silent 8mm amateur movie of the Kennedy visit to Dallas became one of the best-known films of the twentieth century when Abraham Zapruder filmed the assassin ation of the President.

41) Coverage of Media Coverage on 9/11 (8:44). When the World Trade Center attacks began, MediaTelevision observed the newsmakers as they scrambled to cover the still-unfolding events.

42) Media, War, and Censorship (6:47). When governments request restraint in war reporting, should media outlets be critical or compliant? What happens to reporting when the media are also targets?

43) Al-Jazeera Television (5:04). Widely misunderstood in the West, Qatar-based Al-Jazeera is a highly respected news network with more than 35 million viewers.

44) Radio Havana (7:00). Radio Havana struggles to get its message to its listeners despite being underfunded, understaffed, and challenged by sophisticated anti-Castro broadcasters.

This program is called “New and Converging Technologies¬Ě.”

45) The Internet (5:40). MediaTelevision’s tenth anniversary program asks whether the Internet is a great leveler, bringing democracy back to the free world, or if it is an efficient way for corporations to target potential consumers.

46) (5:43). Can fans participate in a media phenomenonon an equal footing with official sites?

47) Sacred Noise: Audio Landscaping (5:05). This New York company collects sounds from temple bells to bird songs, and weaves them into the soundtracks of major ads.

48) Forensic Technology, Inc. (5:13). When hi-tech forensic science is combined with instant networking, high-powered crime fighting is the result.

49) Ma rketing Digital Television (8:45). Viewers with satellite dishes or digital converters can sample over 200 channels, but broadcasters are struggling to attract audiences and advertisers.

50) Back of the Mike (5:02). Manufacturing illusions of rain, thunder, fire, and galloping horses, the artists behind the mike created fantasy worlds for radio dramas and westerns. This 1939 film reveals some of their secrets.

51) Track Stars (7:30). Two wild and crazy Foley artists demonstrate the creation of sound effects for a cops-and-robbers sequence. Filmed in 1979, many of the same techniques are still in use today.



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