Society Street

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0:00 Title and color bars.

0:23 Rosemary Hartan at WGHQ introduces guest Dawn Langley Simmons (Gordon Hall), a famous writer and adopted daughter of Margaret Rutherford, a post-op transsexual.

1:16 Woman in car talks about “transsexual moves to Catskills” news. Shots of Simmons walking around town while woman talks about lack of tolerance for Hall/Simmons.

2:05 Title: “The So Called ‘Change'”


2:15 Shirtless man talks about Hall and his high-society ways over old photos of pre-op Hall and his surprising announcement.

2:43 Red-haired man talks about getting Hall’s looking for advice about a location for the sex change. He recommended Mexico.

3:29 Middle-aged woman talks about meeting Hall at the hospital, and giving him a bath. She talks about dressing him after the bath, and being astounded by his beautiful female body.

5:45 Simmons talks about spells he had, with lots of bleeding, his reason for being in the hospital before the operation.

7:10 Woman talks about seeing Simmons on TV and thinking, “that voice is in the body that it belongs in now.” Simmons is very flattered.

7:25 Title: John Paul

7:34 Simmons talks about the hands of a John Paul, who she had married, while standing by a statue. She seems to be in a spell by working out a conversation with him.

8:45 Red-haired man talks about a clear “disturbance” in Simmons, and says she should have been committed. He talks about John Paul beating Dawn.

9:55 Simmons talks about John Paul, a black man who “came from a fine family,” and who was lead to believe that Simmons’ writings put him down. She says, “he was no better or no worse than any Charleston man black or write,” in spite of his infidelities and violence. Shows a photo of Simmons and John Paul with their daughter. She talks about his attempts to work legit imately on a shrimp boat.

10:28 Shirtless man talks a bout not believing the sex change had happened.

13:58 Red-haired man says that daughter Dawn didn’t have the love she needed because of Simmons’ condition.

13:30 Dawn interviews Simmons, her mother. Simmons tells her daughter about the lineag e of their chairs. “When cruel and unkind people took everything away from us, they had to be sold.” Simmons tells her daughter about her former riches. “I don’t want to live there anymore, because the memories are too painful…But we shall soon live in a house that is just as beautiful.”

15:23 END.



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