The Fight Over Faith

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0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. Cut to black.

3:12Copy video clip URL CNN special, “The Fight Over Faith,” begins. Carol Marin reports on conflict within the Evangelical Christian church. Marin explains that different sects within the religion are fighting against each other over interpretations of the bible, even leading to official accusations of heresy within presbyterian churches. Interpretation concerning sexuality is one of the most relevant divergences between these groups. Marin speaks with people from different sects.

12:40Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Segment returns. Marin defines what Evangelical worshippers believe. She meets with a conservatively Evangelist family, exploring their daily lives, and interviewing them.

21:55Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Segment returns. Marin explores the way that Evangelism has evolved, visiting what she calls a “Christian Woodstock.” This rock event is an attempt to draw more people to the religion. Other attempts that have been made to bring people to the religion, including Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.

29:22Copy video clip URL Cut to black. Segment returns. Story of an Evangelical man that runs an educational course in a faith-based correctional institute and the conflict surrounding the constitutionality of having a faith-based prison.

37:14 Cut to black. Segment returns. Marin reports on some churches that are helping people become registered to vote, and continues to talk about the political influence of Evangelical Christians. Marin asks about the way political conservatism has affected the religion.

44:07 Cut to black. Segment returns. Marin reports on B0bby Welch, head of the Southern Baptist convention, that is touring around North America to visit churches and help to “save one million souls.” She returns to the issue of conflict within the religion, focusing on a church that supports same sex relationships in contrast to the conservative sector. Marin calls these kinds of divisions a kind of “religious McCarthyism.” Conclusion.

52:52Copy video clip URL Credits. Video ends.

53:24Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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