The Last Mighty Growl

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0:00 Slate for Take 1.

0:22 Intro segment, Channel 5 Sports. Stellar final plays from the Chicago Bears season, 1963, and list of sponsors.

1:58 Sports staff of Chicago Channel 5 introduce the show: Chet Coppock, Mark Giangreco, Warner Saunders.

2:55 Talk about the Bears strong defense. Though the Bears were outscored, t heir defense slowed down opposing teams enough to lead the Bears to victory.

3:30 Warner Saunders introduces historical background: the Kennedy assassination had happened only weeks earlier; Daley’s 3rd reelection; the Cubs and Sox seasons; the Loyola Ramblers championship season.

6:30 Chet Coppock signs off to commercial.

7:10 Slate for Take 2.

7:30 September 16, 1963. The Bears beat the Green Bay Packers.

8:00 Coppock introduces George Halas’ plan to beat Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers. Former players explain that Summer Training was entirely dedicated to plays designed to beat the Packers.

11:40 Discussion of Bears against Minnesota, where the Bears build up an early lead to a 28-7 win. The bears then play Detroit, winning with touchdown passes. The Bears play a tough game against the Colts at Wrigley Field. The bears win only 10-3. The Bears beat Los Angeles by a large margin in a high-scoring game.

14:10 The Bears go to San Francisco, only to lose badly despite their 5-0 record. The Bears view it as a learning experience, and go on to beat Washington. The bears win big over the Baltimore Colts again, thanks in a large part to the blocking of Mike Ditka. The next game is a Chicago match against the Green Bay Packers. The tone is set by the kick-off tackle, and the Bears take the game.

19:20 Coppock signs off to commercial.

19:46 Slate for Segment 3.

20:06 Warner Saunders introduces a segment on Chicago vs. Pittsburgh just days after Kennedy’s death. To win the game, Ditka runs through and over almost the entire Pittsburgh team, running 65 yards. The final score of the game is a tie, 17-17. In the following game, the Bears beat Minnesota. The Bears next easily beat San Francisco at Wrigley Field.

24:25 The Bears take on Detroit for the 14th game of the season on December 15. Brickhouse talks about his famous, hoarse-screaming announcement of a last-minute interception touchdown run that brought the Bears to the championship.

27:15 Werner Saunders signs off to commercial.

27:30 Slate for Segment 4.

27:50 Introduction to the championship game. The city was blacked out, so fans turned out despite near-zero weather. The Bears take on the Giants. Great collor footage of the championship game.

32:37 Slate for Segment 5.

32:49 Rensaleer, Indiana biography.

35:10 Biography of Doug Atkins, who the Bears consider a truly free spirit.

36:40 Bill George is reme mbered fondly by his old teammates; he had died recently in a car accident.

37:50 The Bears discuss the car-accident death of Willie Gallimore and John O. Farrington the following season during training.

39:25 Slate for Segment 6.

39:45 Discussion of Bears offensive star Bill Wade. Bill Wade talks about the 1963 Bears. He says he was never partial to the ball control method, even though it took the Bears to the championship. Wade talks about his football past, and discusses the unfairness of sports salaries.

41:40 Jim Dooley, a former coach for the 1963 Bears, still coaches the Bears today. Dooley had replaced Halas after Halas’ retirement.

43:47 Out to commercial.

44:01 Slate for Segment 7.

44:20 The teammates remember former coach “Papa Bear” George Halas, who at the time was sufferin g from a life-threatening illness. A quote sits in his office: “Never go to bed a loser.” The three hosts discuss the 1963 Bears and then sign off.

49:00 Photos of 1963 Bears and list of sponsors. End credits.

Produced by Steve Corman

Directed by Karen Prindle

Written by Jeff Davis, Bill Gutman

50:14 End of tape.



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