This Week In Joe’s Basement, episode 27: Mark’s Basement

AIR DATES: March 11, 18, 1991


Mark Audrain wins a bar bet from Joe and gets to host the show for a week.  At his behest, it’s all sketch comedy (he was rarely involved in the man-on-the-street segments.)

The centerpiece is a domestic family sequence, which Joe films, then Mark overdubs to reinterpret as an orgy of cannibalism.  Regular cinematographer Katalina Groh also steps in front of the lens to offer a seductive eating of a banana (definitely Mark’s idea.)

When Joe returns (whew!) he finds another letter from King Zeke, who’s been shut in the basement by his father, the Reverend Squirmin’ Herman.

Production Notes:

The introductory scene, set in the Cove Lounge on East 55th Street, gives a glimpse into the social life of the crew, who would gather there to watch episodes on their big-screen TV.  Mark did in fact win a bar bet from Joe, although, as you’d expect, liberties were taken in the television re-enactment.

This episode was delayed in reaching broadcast, because Joe’s car was broken into and the master and all raw tapes were stolen.  Thankfully, they were later recoverd, unharmed.



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