[Tom Weinberg’s 20-minute sampler]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Excerpts from some of Tom Weinberg's tapes.

0:00 Bars and tone, black.

0:21 Making it in Hollywood. Cissy Colpitts tap dances.

0:55 Cissy Colpitts, actress, talks about how she is going to an agency, William Morris, to try to get an agent.

1:00 Sally Kirkland calls her agent about an acting part she wants, the part of a stripper.

2:45 Colpitts returns from her meeting. She says the man was very nice, but they implied that she should go to a different agency that didn’t handle such big stars.

3:40 Titles.

3:55 Overnight Man. Joe Cummings interviews Fire Marshall on street about a fire.

4:12 Cummings in studio talking about the jobs he held before becoming a reporter.

4:46 Cummings on street interviews a guy who lives near the building that caught on fire.

5:22 Cummings goes in to the CBS building.

5:34 Cummings reads international news reports at the WBBM news station and argues about how to pronounce a name.

6:55 The Golden Gloves. Weinberg interviews boxers before fight.

8:38 One of the boxers from before wins the championship. He shows us his medal.

9:42 Boxer at his shoeshining job. He claims he is not cut out for these jobs, but really he’s going to be a champion boxer.

10:40 Boxer eats fast food with Weinberg and talks about wanting to get better gloves at the tournament.

11:55 Inside Spring Training. February 1978. Titles with shots of players and facilities.

12:48 Bill Veeck, White Sox owner, on phone. He is trying to find a place for the Sox to practic e during spring training.

13:54 Weinberg in Comiskey Park introduces Media Burn.

14:26 Media Burn. Drivers prepare for takeoff.

14:52 Car crashes through pile of flaming TV sets. Footage from multiple cameras.

16:10 Paper Roses. Two senior citizens prepare to play music on piano and violin.

17:43 Old people walking around outside with audio from music performance.

18:30 Sign for Clark-Irving Senior Apartments, run by Chicago Housing Authority.

18:45 End of tape.



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