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Excerpts from some of Tom Weinberg's tapes.

0:00 Bars and tone, black.

3:36 Who’s the Champ? 1977. (Golden Gloves). Boxer wins competition and shows medal to camera.

4:54 Boxer at work shining shoes. He talks about his ambition and how he will eventually be a famous boxer. He and Tom eat fast food.

6:48 Black.

8:29 From Overnight Man. Joe Cummings on location reporting on a fire.

8:48 Cummings in studio, talking about the difficult jobs he held before becoming a reporter.

9:21 Cummings on location, interviewing guy about an accident.

9:38 Cummings on phone at “El” station, calling in a report about a man who died on the “El” and was left at the Washington stop.

10:43 Inside Cummings car. Audio of radio calling reports. Cummings and Weinberg on the street talking about how often he reports out on the street.

11:37 Cummings reads reports on the air at WBBM. He argues about how to pronounce a name, claims he needs bubble gum.

12:59 Cummings talking in the studio, organizing his police reports. He lists all of the recent violent crimes.

14:04 Politics Can Be Fun. Delegate introduces New York Five Day Bicycle Race. People dance in NYC. July 1976.

14:46 Jesse Jackson talks inside the Democratic National Convention to Skip Blumberg. Jackson talks about the lack of representation of blacks on the floor. He also says that he doesn’t mind sitting near Daley on the floor, since he is bigger than racism.

15:51 Interview with man in bar about the convention. He is a politician from Staten Island.

16:31 Black.

18:31 Vito Marzullo, 25th Ward Alderman. Vito shows us his garden. Clips of Marzullo with program credits.

22:20 Black.

25:21 Dan Rostenkowski in Washington DC. Rostenkowski gives a speech.

26:00 Rostenkowski talks about being Daley’s right hand man.

26:21 Pulaski Park. We see the area where Rostenkowski grew up. He talks about wanting his kids to grow up in the Midwest.

27:00 Black.

27:24 From “This is a Test.” People get excited about a Rolling Stones Concert in Philadelphia. A taxi driver complains that Mick Jagger only gave him a dollar for a tip. Another driver claims that when the Stones come to town the whole city gets rock fever. The Stones perform in a gigantic stadium. The driver lists all the famous people he has driven, all of whom tip well (besides Jagger).

31:39 Black.

35:11 “Once A Star.” Program about Dick the Bruiser, a former wrestler. Montage of shots of Bruiser’s current domestic life and wrestling clips. (Real name Dick Aflis.) He talks about all of his injuries.

36:56 End of tape.



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