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  • Tales of Hoffman: Abbie And Julius And The Chicago Conspiracy Trial

    Tales of Hoffman: Abbie And Julius And The Chicago Conspiracy Trial

    …iler for an uncompleted documentary about two controversial figures in the Chicago Conspiracy trial, both named Hoffman: activist Abbie Hoffman and U.S. District Court Judge Julius Hoffman. One of the underlying concepts is that these two diametrically opposed characters were intertwined as people and as courtroom adversaries. The story is told mostly through interviews with various persons involved in the trial, plus some archival footage of the… Continue reading

  • Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    Abbie Hoffman Makes Gefilte Fish

    00:00 “Abbie Making Gefilte-Fish.” Laura Cavestani narrates. Abbie Hoffman and Laura begin to cook the gefilte-fish, describing their tears caused by chopping a pound of onions. Hoffman sings while cooking. Footage of them cooking. They describe some of the ingredients they are adding in. He describes the final dish. As he continues to cook, he describes the textures and smells to the camera. 11:30 Hoffman tells a story about cooking… Continue reading

  • Remembering the Radical and Comedic Abbie Hoffman

    Remembering the Radical and Comedic Abbie Hoffman

    …en thinking back on our friends and their lasting impact on the world today. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of Abbie Hoffman’s death, a close friend and collaborator of Krassner’s. He was an activist, comedian, and revolutionary who spoke out against the world’s injustices in ways that grabbed the media’s attention. He cofounded the Youth International Party (known as “Yippies”), he wrote several books such as… Continue reading

  • Lord Of The Universe

    Lord Of The Universe

    …I look at it all as a warmup for the greatest transformation in the history of human civilization.” 11:15 Abbie Hoffman describes Rennie Davis as a propagandist. He says “Rennie is arrogant about the future… There’s a difference between saying you’ve found god and that you know his address.” 12:38 The Guru arrives at the airport, welcomed by his followers. An organizer says that the Guru will be taken by car, a… Continue reading

  • The 90’s, pilot

    The 90’s, pilot

    …ion: Acquired Dread of Sex… fear and panic in whole population. Stop the ADS plague… safe sex is fun.” 56:08 Grace Paley commentary by DeeDee Halleck. “So many people watch TV that it really has the obligation to be truthful on occasion.” 56:30 Abbie Hoffman in Memoriam. Footage by Videofreex and Media Process Group. Clip from Chicago, 1969 before Chicago 7 trial and Chicago 1988. 58:11 Credits. 1:00:10 :30 promo…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0220: Five Shorts

    Image Union, episode 0220: Five Shorts

    …zzolo. August 1968. Impressionistic view of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Distorted footage of Abbie Hoffman, cops in riot gear, protests, people sleeping in Lincoln Park, police barriers, Richard J. Daley in a hard hat, audio of speeches, Daley, and news reports. 19:50 Short Train Short by Jeanne Meyers, Mark Cavanagh, and Tom McMahon. Illustrations and manipulated images of trains. 22:55 Russian Rag by Joseph McGarry. Film spoo… Continue reading

  • Friday Night on Channel 6 – Night Owl Show

    Friday Night on Channel 6 – Night Owl Show

    …mortal sin. She demonstrates oral hygiene techniques for improving cleanliness of the mouth. 53:34 Commentary. Abbie Hoffman compares Spring 1982 to Spring 1968, and the meaningfulness of protest about military buildup. He talks about injustices in El Salvador. “The Marine Hymn Song, I don’t know, some fascist wrote it.” SOME PICTURE PROBLEMS HERE AND A SPLIT SECOND OF FOOTAGE LOST. 59:43 Night Owl End Credits. 1:00:51 National… Continue reading

  • Hot Video with Chicago Conspiracy

    Hot Video with Chicago Conspiracy

    …eo is an hour of unedited, uninterrupted dialogue among R. G. (Ronnie) Davis and the seven defendants including Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner. Over the course of an hour, the defendants discuss the injustices of the US court system, the tactics of protest and revolution, and the prevailing problem of systemic racism—all issues which are highly relevant to the contemporary era…. Continue reading


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