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  • Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration

    Synthesis: Processing and Collaboration

    00:00 Title card: Gallery@calit2, January 2011. Dan Sandin says he was asked by Electronic Arts Intermix to talk about his work and the environment in which he works. He shows his studio, the image processor (a series of patch panels), an analog computer, a video tape recorder and a view out the window of a Chicago snowfall. 01:03 Sandin demonstrates the primitive workings of the image processor. He patches various signals from the camera input … Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0044

    Image Union, episode 0044

    …animated piece featuring a series geographic patterns. Created on a home computer system. 05:05 “Wandawega Waters” by Dan Sandin. Color video. An experimental piece using computer processed video to give the surroundings of Lake Wandawega an other-worldly appearance. 21:09 “Spiral for A.C.M.” by Dan Sandin. Color video. Different spirals and effects are created through computer animation. 26:55 Image Union end credits…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0040: Holiday Show

    Image Union, episode 0040: Holiday Show

    …piles of snow and chairs saving shoveled parking spaces. 12:48 “Christmas Morning in Sister Bay” by Dan Sandin. Image Processor. Computer altered/enhanced video. An experimental video in which sounds of waves gently reaching the shore and church bells playing Christmas carols are heard while computer processed video pans across the beach of Sister Bay. 16:52 “Nicaragua Report” by Juan Downey. Through narration over still p… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0003

    Image Union, episode 0003

    …ed in this activity. Footage of the two doing a show at Comiskey Park. 11:22 Christmas Morning in Sister Bay by Dan Sandin. Image Processor. 15:24 The Santa Tapes by Scott Jacobs. [Note: for the full director’s cut, visit //vimeo.com/139756619] Open on people in downtown Chicago shopping during Christmas. Jacobs interviews an 80-year-old man who dresses up like Santa for the Marshall Field’s department store as he gets dressed f… Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0333

    Image Union, episode 0333

    0:00 Image Union opening. 0:38 “Dan Sandin” by Christine de Lignieres. Color video. Sandin is interviewed showing his equipment and processing the video of the interview. He describes his work process, which always begins with shooting a sacred place. He talks about his collaboration with Tom DeFanti for computer animation. Sandin sees his image processing machine as a tool to help people learn about images. He talks about his commit… Continue reading

  • Slices of Chicago

    Slices of Chicago

    0:00 Black. 0:58 Bars and tone. 2:08 Slices of Chicago titles. 2:46 State Street, March 17, 1977. 4:30 AM. Black and white. City workers prepare the street for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade that will also serve as a memorial to the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. A CTA bus driver gets into an extended argument with the street painters when he refuses let a police officer help him back up and go around the paint. 7:35 Color. The day of the pa… Continue reading

  • Electronic Visualization Event 3

    Electronic Visualization Event 3

    …res totemic images and music that matches the images. 17:31 “Spiral 3” by Tom DeFanti, Phil Morton, Dan Sandin, and Jane Veeder. This segment has a woman whose clothes are made of spirals performing various moves of dance and flexibility. 27:11 “Digital TV Dinner” by Jamie Fenton and Raul Zaritsky. This segment features bar codes and very old style video games. 30:11 “Data Bursts in 3 Moves” by Phil Morton and… Continue reading

  • It’s A Living

    It’s A Living

    …the Elevated train (the “El”). On a cold early morning, we meet Alfred Pommier, a parking lot attendant. A true showman, Pommier does his job with gusto. “This is the greatest parking lot in town. I’m known from the Peking to the Hong Kong, from the West Coast to the Pecos. Call me Wheelin’ Lovin’ Al.” Regular customers express their allegiance. 6:28 Segment with Marcia Stocking, a receptionist (or as sh… Continue reading


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