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  • Dave Meggyesy, tape 1

    Dave Meggyesy, tape 1

    0:04 The tape opens on Rising Up Angry founder Michael James advocating that sports should be utilized to help build a better society. “If we’re thinking about building a good society, a progressive society, we need a lot of good health, we need energy.” 2:09 Dave Meggyesy takes the podium. The camera only records fragments of what he’s saying, which seems to be basic announcements. 4:20 He begins to talk about the main p… Continue reading

  • Dave Meggyesy, tape 3

    Dave Meggyesy, tape 3

    0:00 The video starts mid-question from the audience. Meggyesy is responding, and seems to be talking about labor issues in professional American football leagues. 1:58 The camera records footage of the audience. The audio is low at points, but Meggyesy is answering a question about drugs, saying it’s important to view them in the context of the enormous pressures to win put on players by the system. 3:44 Another cut to a man mid question…. Continue reading

  • Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    0:01 A visually distorted shot fragment of Dave Meggyesy speaking: “The couch doesn’t play the game, you play the game. You have a certain measure of power, just gotta get it organized.” 0:10 Meggyesy talks about the abuse a player will accept from a couch, when they wouldn’t accept it otherwise. He says this is even more significant when the team members, who normally would be supportive and friendly, turn their backs wh… Continue reading


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