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  • Cubs Scoreboard #1

    Cubs Scoreboard #1

    …an getting up periodically to change his side of the scoreboard. Conversation is often difficult to hear. 06:08 Roger Wallenstein begins interviewing O’Connor and Bongiorno, who keep their backs to the camera as they watch the game. Bongiorno takes care of the Cubs score, and O’Connor handles the hits for both teams. Bongiorno explains: “Art upstairs runs the tickertape,” so he handles the top half of the National and Amer… Continue reading

  • Vintage Veeck Round 3

    Vintage Veeck Round 3

    …n-house psychiatrists. Veeck discusses maximized profit, egos, or write-offs. 31:37 Veeck singing in a bar with Roger Wallenstein. They discuss Veeck’s show being canceled. “Television is getting control of the games, and they’re controlling the games not to make the games more interesting, but to make an extra buck.” Veeck uses the Cubs as a perfect example. Roger: “Actors instead of athletes.” 34:46 Veeck int… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 143

    Time Out, episode 143

    …talk about the recent trades on the Cubs and Sox ball clubs. This cuts into a commentary from Bill Veeck. 07:34 Roger Wallenstein sits down with Bill Veeck at the back bar. Veeck talks about his experience at his “home away from home,” Illinois Masonic Hospital. He goes into detail about some of the turbulence in baseball during the off-season, specifically focusing in on the greed and lack of restraint among team owners. 11:31 Cut to… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 148

    Time Out, episode 148

    …e effect of legal drug use in the sporting world. This eventually cuts into a commentary with Bill Veeck. 21:26 Roger Wallenstein sits down with Bill Veeck to talk about the omission of baseball legend Nelson Fox from the Baseball Hall of Fame. Veeck expresses his anger over Fox not being included in this year’s group of inductees. He goes into detail about the injustice in the voting process and his reasons behind wanting Nelson Fox in the… Continue reading

  • Veeck Commentaries, Reel 3.

    Veeck Commentaries, Reel 3.

    …s being hit by the White Sox in Comiskey Park. Very faint audio of commentator. 3:09 Screen goes to black. 3:22 Roger Wallenstein: “Take Seven. Bill Veeck (as in wreck) is a singular man in baseball history.” He gives a bio of Veeck’s career. 4:40 Black screen. Cut to Veeck giving an outro for his show “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.” 5:29 Veeck in a bar talking about buyers for the White Sox. Cut to black. 5:59 Shot ins… Continue reading

  • Commentaries: Baseball According to Bill Veeck

    Commentaries: Baseball According to Bill Veeck

    00:00 Title card and count-in. 00:33 Footage of Bill Veeck on various programs, while Roger Wallenstein narrates. 01:11 Bill Veeck on left-handers. Footage from September 1984. Veeck talks about how left-handers are a minority, and the right-handers have created arbitrary rules that left-handers can’t play third base, shortstop, or catcher. “Left-handers of the world arise! You have nothing to lose but your worthless rights.” 0… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 137

    Time Out, episode 137

    …ter her track career. 11:27 Cut back to the four commentators who introduce an interview between John Schulian, Roger Wallenstein, and boxing promoter Ben Bentley. Wallenstein briefly explains Bill Veeck’s absence before beginning the interview. Veeck was in the hospital at the time. The three talk about the lasting power of boxing. Bentley talks about the need for a “Boxing Czar” to be used as a spokesman for the sport. The thr… Continue reading

  • Time Out, episode 146

    Time Out, episode 146

    …17:39 Cut to a summary of Gary Fencik’s football predictions over the past season. 20:04 Cut to a shot of Roger Wallenstein and Bill Veeck at the back bar. Veeck showcases the many highs and lows in Chicago sports throughout the year. Veeck expresses his excitement over the end of 1984 before talking about the upcoming year. The two also mull over the possibility of another Cubs playoff run in ’85 and the improvements that can be made… Continue reading


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