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  • Dave Meggyesy, tape 1

    Dave Meggyesy, tape 1

    …about building a good society, a progressive society, we need a lot of good health, we need energy.” 2:09 Dave Meggyesy takes the podium. The camera only records fragments of what he’s saying, which seems to be basic announcements. 4:20 He begins to talk about the main point: “A reorientation on Sport” and what it’s for. He talks about how many people have had negative experiences with athletics and sports, including… Continue reading

  • Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    Dave Meggysey, tape 2

    0:01 A visually distorted shot fragment of Dave Meggyesy speaking: “The couch doesn’t play the game, you play the game. You have a certain measure of power, just gotta get it organized.” 0:10 Meggyesy talks about the abuse a player will accept from a couch, when they wouldn’t accept it otherwise. He says this is even more significant when the team members, who normally would be supportive and friendly, turn their backs wh… Continue reading

  • Dave Meggyesy, tape 3

    Dave Meggyesy, tape 3

    0:00 The video starts mid-question from the audience. Meggyesy is responding, and seems to be talking about labor issues in professional American football leagues. 1:58 The camera records footage of the audience. The audio is low at points, but Meggyesy is answering a question about drugs, saying it’s important to view them in the context of the enormous pressures to win put on players by the system. 3:44 Another cut to a man mid question…. Continue reading

  • Image Union, episode 0433

    Image Union, episode 0433

    …] 11:08 Commercial for Joan Jonas by Joan Logue. [not online] 11:40 “The Cable TV Marketing Man” by Dave Clark and Roger Bain. Color video. A music video parody in which a marketing man and his two backup singers sing the praises of cable TV. Music by The Barking Geckos. [Text on screen] “The preceeding tape was inspired by trade publication articles about the cable television industry and was produced through the facilities of… Continue reading

  • Bill Veeck’s Back in Town

    Bill Veeck’s Back in Town

    …rious people reacting to Veeck’s return. 1:08 Intro to Veeck’s “last hurrah.” 1:21 Host Dave Nightingale interviews Veeck. 1:50 Veeck: “Oh yes, this is the last stop.” 2:13 Veeck elaborates how he came to buy the Chicago White Sox. 5:12 Nightingale: “When you had the papers drawn up you fell apart a little bit, didn’t you?” Veeck: “Yes, my leg collapsed!” 8:03 Veeck: “Movemen… Continue reading

  • Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times: An Evening With Studs Terkel

    Keeping the Faith in Difficult Times: An Evening With Studs Terkel

    00:00 Bob Baldok, from KPFA Free Speech Radio, welcomes the audience to the event and introduces author Dave Eggers, the next to speak. On-screen text lists the sponsors, including the university, KPFA and Mother Jones Magazine. 02:10 Dave Eggers introduces Terkel, calling his philosophy “listen and ye shall know.” He tells the story of Terkel’s career as a broadcaster, author, and activist, during which time he was accused of… Continue reading

  • Radio Faces #2

    Radio Faces #2

    …led 411 Operator random questions are asked and listeners have to guess what the answers will be. 04:56 Jammin’ Dave at 106 JAMS is on the air delivering an urban limerick in one breath. 05:41 B-roll of DJs in action: Samantha James at Q101, Bruce Wolf at WMVP imitating James Stewart for partner Steve Dahl. 06:15 Wendy Rice at WXRT says what she likes about radio is the anonymity. 06:26 Tribute to Yvonne Daniels, veteran radio DJ. 06:42 Black, fo… Continue reading

  • Chicago Slices, episode 9317

    Chicago Slices, episode 9317

    …El: On the Midway Line, Correspondent Judy Markey leads inter-generational passengers Joe Merle(grandpa), Sally Davenport(mom) and Jane Davenport(daughter) in a guessing game about the name, age, favorite food, favorite music, marital and living status of fellow passenger Bill Harrell, a 69 year old widower who lives with his daughter, likes salad and enjoys listening to jazz. The guessers are a little bit right and a little bit wrong. 7:33 Comme… Continue reading


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